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Our anti slip solution can prevent you from slipping on wet and soapy flooring. With our new anti slip solution technology, the slip resistant increases and the flooring is no longer slippery when is wet, especially under soapy conditions. Therefore, the chance of slip and fall accident is GREATLY reduced. Having anti slip floor is important for everyone to ensure safety. Our wide range of anti slip flooring solution is able to cater to different types of floor tiles. Anti Slip coating is suitable for application at residential homes, commercial and public areas for safety purpose.

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Importance of Anti Slip Solution Treatment

More than 420,000 people worldwide die from slip and fall accidents every year which is second to car accidents. Not only elderly and kids are vulnerable, everyone has the risk of slipping and falling in their lives. After raining, common open areas like staircases, corridors and pathways are highly prone to slip and fall hazard. Even anti slip floor tiles can still be slippery under such condition.

The consequences are not to be underestimated. Slip and fall accidents can be serious resulting in sustaining minor to major injuries to different parts of the human body like sprains and fractures, and sometimes even death. With our anti slip flooring solution, the floor slip resistant will increase and the floor is no longer slippery. Therefore, it GREATLY reduces the risk of slip and fall.

Our main concern is to provide a safe living environment to protect ourselves and our love ones, especially for pregnant woman, elderly, kids and people with osteoporosis condition. It is also important to provide a healthy and safety working environment at workplace. Therefore, with our anti slip coating, we aim to prevent and minimise risk of slip and fall accidents at Child Care Centre, Schools, Shopping mall entrances, Nursing home, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, hospitals, common areas of condominium and executive condominium, ships and more.

Slip Resistant of Flooring Statistics

Anti Slip Flooring - Coefficient of Friction 1
Anti Slip Flooring - Coefficient of Friction 2


  • Meets SS485:2011 Singapore Standard for coefficient of friction.
  • The co-efficient of floor friction increases even the floor is wet or soapy with our anti slip coating.
  • Treatment on existing tiles takes less than an hour for bathroom approximate of 50sqft.
  • Eco friendly, non-toxic, non-sticky
  • Hassle Free and cost savings as No Hacking is required.

  • Treatment will not result in damaging or changing appearance of floor surface
  • Clean your tiles from existing stains. After treatment, it will restore flooring to look new.
  • Protect floor tiles from stubborn stain and for easy maintenance.
  • Most importantly, the floor is available to use immediately after our anti slip floor treatment.

For anti slip floor tiles, it requires hacking for installation and can be slippery when the floor is wet and soapy. As for anti slip floor mat, it is more widely used at home to cover a small area and not suitable for public area.  For our anti slip solution, it is a simple and low costing application. Our anti slip coating is long lasting, environmental friendly and suitable for all places.

Our YHH Product

Our anti slip solution treatment is applicable on different types of flooring, including timber and metal materials.

Our product tested and certified by SGS for flooring coefficient of friction


FREE Post-Service within 7 days of application

Note: Warranty applies only to slip resistant. Customers are advised not to do any chemical treatment or waxing of tiles after our anti slip solution treatment. Otherwise, the warranty will be void.

Anti Slip Flooring - Infographic

How it works?

This is the latest invisible anti slip solution achieve by using nano-slip technology that is transparent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and does not harm the human body at all. After our anti slip flooring treatment, it forms countless nano-slip holes on the surface of the tile. It increases the co-efficient of floor friction by countless times and is no longer slippery. You will feel the grip on wet or soapy floor when you step on floor with our anti slip coating. Therefore, our anti slip flooring solution reduces the chances of slip and fall accidents from occurring.

Application process

Before treatment
Clients must ensure that their flooring for treatment is clean and dry. Items are to be removed. This will result in better slip resistant effect and more lasting.

Duration of process
Our staff will apply the appropriate anti slip solution to the floor tiles. The start to finish process will take approximately less than an hour for an area less than 50sqft. Thereafter, the applied flooring will be immediately available for use!

We will wash the tiles after application to ensure the tiles are non-slippery anymore under wet and soapy conditions.

After Treatment
Customers is advised to wash the tiles with any cleaning detergents for 3 to 5 days after the treatment. Frequent maintenance of the tiles will result in the slip resistant effectiveness to last up to 3 years or more.

Specially for Commercial application

Slip Resistant up to 5 years Warranty

Long lasting glossy finishing

Applicable on all types of materials including timber, metal and plastic


Every of our staff is meticulous and well trained for the anti slip floor application to process in a proper method. After completion of every anti slip coating treatment, we will ensure the wet floor is no longer slippery.

About Us

Our company focus on providing a safe living and working environment for homes, public and commercial areas. When the floor is mopped, it can be a hazard. Even wet anti slip tiles can be slippery and not safe to use. It is very important to ensure the safety of flooring for home and public users, especially elderly, kids and people with osteoporosis condition. With the new technology of our anti slip solution, the floor slip resistant will be better and safer to use even when the surface is wet and soapy. Therefore, it helps to prevent slip and fall accidents to happen that could possibly lead to serious injuries.

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excellent product. Good and professional service

Michael Ng

As a pregnant mum, I feel much safer after my bathroom floor and entrance was applied with this anti slip solution. The floor does not feel slippery when I bathe. When I step out of the toilet, my feet does not have that slipping feel.

Amanda Lee

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Call/Whatsapp/SMS: +65 9455 0766
Call: +65 6638 0940
Email: sales@antislipsolution.sg

Fax: +65 6281 8393

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