Non-Slip Flooring For Bathrooms, Toilet, Shower Tray, Bath

Best Non-Slip Flooring For Bathroom, Anti Slip Shower Tray, Bathtub Ideas & Options: Anti-Slip Coating Treatment, Floor Spray, Paint, Tiles, Mat & Epoxy.

Non-Slip Flooring

Slip and fall accidents happen every day in the bathroom, shower tray and bathtub. It can occur anytime. The consequence of slippery hazard cannot never be underestimated. It can result in brain truama, serious injuries, sprains, fractures, broken head, hips and bones.

This is because the surface is wet and soapy most of the times. From the start of the day and middle of the night, we will visit the bathrooms. Therefore, bathroom is definitely one of the most commonly used rooms in a house.

Being said so, it is essential and important to ensure our bathrooms, shower trays and bathtubs to be user friendly, comfortable and safe to use. Especially for elderly, senior citizens, young kids & toddlers, pregnant wife.


Below is 4 Non-Slip Flooring Options to Consider.

1. Replace, Change Or Overlay Tiles

There are different ratings of anti slip tiles in the market. The slip resistance tiles rating ranges from R9 to R13. R9 tiles being the lowest slip resistance while R13 is the highest slip resistance rating. So having the knowledge of choosing the right tiles for bathrooms is important for a better traction on soapy wet surface. Additionally, with the greater ease of cleaning for future maintenance. It is highly recommended to test the tiles with water and check out the porous texture of the tiles before making the right decision.


2. Anti slip Mat or Rug

You can place anti slip rug or mat in shower tray, bathtub and bathroom floors. The use of anti slip mat is to dry your feet as water, spills, soap and bath elements will make the flooring more slippery. Always try to keep the floor clean and dry as far as possible. These are also the root issues of slippery tiles. Rinse away the bath elements, essential oil after showering and bathing for a cleaner tiles. The mat and flooring beneath it must be washed often because it will accumulate more stains, dirt, debris and contaminate. It will also result in bad odour, visible signs of mat and different colour tone on the tiles in a long run.

3. Epoxy Floor

There are many types of epoxy flooring in the market. Such as epoxy pebbles, epoxy flakes, stones, sand, additives, agents, etc. The epoxy systems are normally a topcoat overlay with different components mixed with epoxy. It also comes with different designs, colours and for waterproofing purposes. Most importantly, the epoxy flooring must be more durable and resilience to cracks, chipping and peeling off. This is to avoid future defects cost to be incurred by removing it. Nevertheless, it must be easy to maintain and clean from debris, stains, dirt, bath and soap residues.


4. Non-Slip Coating & Anti Slip Flooring Treatment

There are different types of anti slip coating and non slip solution treatment to apply on the flooring. It can be anti slip coating on different surface materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, metal, etc. Anti slip floor treatment is normally a clear solution to create microscopic threads or countless invisible holes on the floor surface to increase the slip resistant of the existing tiles. With better traction on soapy wet floor, the risks of slip and fall are greatly reduced.


Conclusion- Non-Slip Flooring

Last of all, it is essential and important to enhance the grip of the wet floor to protect yourself and loved ones. If the slippery issues still persist or do not have the desired outcome above, you can keep in touch with us, we are able to resolve the problems.

YHH Plus Enterprise provide improvement services for home, industrial, commercial and public areas. We can help to enhance the grip of existing flooring and prevent slips and falls.

We offer wide range of anti slip products, such as non slip bathroom flooring, toilets, shower trays and bathtubs. Anti slip paint for epoxy floor, wood, vinyl, laminate, fiberglass, acrylic, etc. Contact us Now!

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