Anti-Slip Solution For Slippery Tiles Indoor & Outdoor Areas

Anti-Slip Solution For Slippery Tiles. Indoor & Outdoor Areas. Best Non-Slip Elderly Solutions For HDB Residential Home, Commercial & Industrial. How To Fix, Solve & Prevent Slippery Floors At Home & Workplace. 


Anti-Slip Slippery Tiles Solution

Anti-Slip Solution For Indoor & Outdoor Areas.

Solution to get rid and prevent slippery tiles are important. As slip and fall accidents are very common and often under-recognised in our community Singapore. Especially for indoor and outdoor floors. If fixing of slippery floors are not addressed, will lead to recurrent falls and poor quality of life.

Beside physically and emotional pain due to slip and falls. It could lead to serious injuries such as broken spine, bone and head.

Falls can also result in fear of falling and post-fall anxiety syndrome and depression. For example, being afraid to enter a wet bathroom & toilet floor. Especially, after experiencing a serious fall before.

In Singapore, statistics show about one-third of people aged 60 and above have suffered a fall at least once. And 40% of these slip and fall accidents lead to injury-related deaths. Out of this 30% will experience recurring falls if the risk factors are not addressed. In fact, there are many cases that victims do not go for A&E emergency hospitals.

Fall prevention can be greatly reduced. If you understand the root issue of slippery floors and prevent it. Especially for older aged seniors, elderly and of course young at home.

Bathroom, toilet, shower and bathtub are the most highly prone to slipping and falling. Due to the wet, shower & bath foam.

Below are some home remedies ideas and steps to follow to prevent slippery tiles outdoor and indoor.

1. Anti-Slip Coatings Solution.

The most straightforward and direct method is to apply anti-slip coating. This indoor and outdoor non-slip floor coating is cost-saving and hassle free. No hacking, epoxy or tiles overlay are required. These anti-slip products create a high slip resistance even under wet conditions. Suitable for toilet flooring, bathroom, shower, kitchen and bathtub.


2. Keep the floor clean and dry.

Try to keep the flooring clean and as dry as possible. Mop the floor and place signage for wet flooring. Vacuum dry the wet areas if possible.


3. Free of clusters.

Always keep the walkways, corridors and pavements free from clusters.


4. Install grip and hand support bars.

Installation of more grip or hand bars on toilet and bathroom. Can help to assist elderly, seniors to support and hold on to prevent slipping and falling.


5. Proper cleaning and appropriate floor cleaner.

Keep the floor tiles as clean as possible from dirt, grease or soap residues. By using the non-slip tile cleaners can prevent dirty tiles. Do pressure washing or brush and scrub the floor to remove algae, moss and other slippery substances accumulation.


6. Anti-Slip Bath Mat Or Rug.

Place anti slip bath mat or rugs on areas highly prone to water spills. Such as in front of tub, showers and entryways.


7. Anti-Slip Footwear.

Wear anti-slip shoes with better non-slip soles especially walking on wet surfaces.


8. Install Nosing.

Install anti-slip nosing on steps or stairs on high traffic areas, Such as indoor and outdoor staircases.


9. Proper Drainage.

Ensure proper to prevent water from pooling on outdoor tiles. And also for toilet, shower, kitchen and bathroom flooring.


Looking for slippery tiles solution?

YHH nano anti-slip floor treatment Singapore is able to solve and fix the root issue of slippery tiles. In addition, to enhance the slip resistance of flooring. The slip resistant treatment increases the traction even under soapy and wettest flooring.

Our anti-slip floor coating are environmental-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive. This is not a chemical acid etching on tiles to leave on to dry. Therefore, it bare-foot and safe for pets and dogs too. Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Such as stairs, decking, pools, patio and car porch, etc.


Anti-Slip Solution For Tiles.

Therefore, it is important and essential to enhance the grip for all flooring especially wet areas at home, commercial, industry and public areas.

YHH provide the best non-slip floor treatment. This is clear nano solution to greatly increase the slip-resistant of flooring. Ideal for all types of tiles. Such as natural stone, limestone, marble floor, granite, terrazzo and quartz. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, stoneware, homogeneous tiles and many more.

You may be interested in other types of extra fine clear epoxy floor coating and slip resistant paint. Include anti-slip epoxy flooring and decking. For aluminum, iron, steel or metal flooring. Vinyl, laminate, fiberglass and acrylic surface.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones especially elderly, seniors, disabled and young to solve slippery tiles at home. Contact Us Now!





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