Best Anti-Slip Flooring, Best Flooring For Non Slip Bathroom, Toilet, Shower, Kitchen & Wet Areas: Anti-Skid Tiles & Non-Skid Floor Coating

Best anti-slip flooring

The best anti-slip flooring for wet areas should be high slip resistance rating. It should be anti slip tiles range R9 and above which works well under wet surface. In addition with combination of non-skid floor coating to further increase the slip resistant on soapy wet surface.

Anti slip tiles rating range from R9 to R13. Whereby, R9 is the lowest slip resistance rating while R13 is the highest slip resistance rating. But nevertheless, the higher the slip resistance of the tiles are normally rough texture or porous surface.

That’s why, for higher slip resistance rating tiles may trap more dirt, stains, bath and soap residues. This could result the floors to be more slippery due to the contaminants and debris accumulation in a long run. Beside the nature of the tiles, the root issues of slippery floor are actually stains, bath, soap elements build-up. Additionally, with the use of wrong floor cleaner will make the floor even more slippery.

Hence, it can be quite tricky to consider the best flooring. Especially for wet rooms such as bathroom, toilet, shower and kitchen floor. It must be able to strike a balance between slip resistant and having a greater ease from cleaning to prevent bath and soap elements. Most importantly, a better grip under wet and soapy conditions for safety.



Best Anti-Slip Flooring 

So by having the right best flooring is an important part of that. Anti-slip floor treatment can also help a number of benefits to homeowners, from improved safety to lower maintenance costs. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of YHH best anti-slip floor treatment

Slip and Fall Prevention

The anti slip floor coating create countless microscopic non slip nano holes on the floor surface. The increased traction will help to greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

Ease of Maintenance

This is an invisible clear solution application on the tiles without granules or aggregate formed. Therefore, it is easier to clean and maintain. Additonally, our anti slip solution  act as disinfectant and cleaning agent component to remove dirt, stains, bacteria, bath and soap buildup.

Cost-Effective and Hassle Free

Anti-skid floor coating is hassle free and cost-effective which can be applied to entire existing floor. It will not degrade and can be reapplied over time without incurring future defects cost due to peeling off.


Lastly, anti-slip floor treatment is a great saving option for all businesses or home. Especially for elderly, seniors citizens, disabled, pregnant wife, young kids and toddlers.

Looking for the best slippery floor solutions to prevent slips and falls? YHH Plus Enterprise has the answer for you. We are your trusted home improvement specialists for non slip treatment for tiles. Anti slip paint for wood, vinyl, laminate, epoxy floor, etc. Keep in touch with us now!


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