Bathroom & Toilet Renovation Flooring Design Ideas Singapore

Non-Slip Bathroom Renovation. Best Anti-Slip Toilet Flooring Singapore.

Slippery Bathroom & Toilet Flooring Tiles Solutions

A best bathroom and toilet renovation can transform these spaces and enhance their functionality.

A modern makeover toilet and bathroom renovation should be a more spacious layout and well-ventilated. Such as a sleek shower, floor tiling, walls, vanity or free-standing bathtub.

The interior design trends can be simple sophisticated but elegant. Most importantly, it must be comfortable and safer to use to suit your requirements.

Here’s a general guide and ideas for such a renovation.

1. Bathroom Planning and Design.

Determine your budget and create a detailed renovation plan. Consider your design preferences, layout changes and fixtures.


2. Bathroom Demolition.

Remove old fixtures, tiles and any unwanted structures.


3. Plumbing and Electrical Work.

Update or relocate plumbing and electrical systems as needed. Install new fixtures, such as sinks, toilet bowls and showers.


4. Bathroom Flooring.

Bathroom flooring should be slip resistant under wet or soapy surfaces. A matt slip rating tiles or vinyl flooring is highly recommended than a gloss or polish surface. Tiling should be designed so that water can flow smoothly to floor trap. Good drainage and plumbing are essential to prevent water accumulation.

Using the appropriate ratio of cement mortar for tiling is highly recommended. Such as hacking or overlay of tiles to prevent hollow tiles.


5. Bathroom Walls.

Repair or replace walls and install waterproof materials in wet areas. Consider wall tiles or decorative paint for aesthetics.

Gloss, polish tiles or natural stone can be installed on walls to match the floors for a elegant looks and easier to maintain.


6. Waterproofing.

This is an important step for renovating bathroom and toilet. Apply waterproof membranes to ceilings, walls and floors. Focus on areas that are exposed to water. Such as sink, toilet, shower and bathtub. Use waterproof sealant to fill gaps and create a watertight seal. You can choose a more durable and waterproofing epoxy grout for the tiles and more resistant to stains.


7. Bathroom Lighting and Ventilation.

Upgrade lighting fixtures for better visibility. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold and moisture buildup.


8. Cabinetry and Storage.

Install new floating cabinets or vanity units for storage. This can prevent water spills on the it. Choose countertops, shower screen and door that match the overall design. It is highly recommended to choose water-resistant materials to prevent rusting.


9. Fixtures and Accessories.

Install towel racks, water heaters, mirrors and other accessories. Such as handrails and grip bar for safety. Ensure they complement the design, functional and easily accessible for daily use.


10. Paint and Finishing.

Paint the walls and ceiling in the desired colors. Apply a sealant to protect surfaces in wet areas.


11. Final Inspection.

Have a professional defect inspector for bathroom renovation can ensure everything is up to code and functioning correctly.


12. Bathroom Clean Up.

Thoroughly clean the renovated space and remove debris.


13. Decor and Personal Touches.

Add your personal touches with decorations, towels and other accessories.


14. Maintenance.

Regularly maintain fixtures and the renovated space to keep it in top condition.

It’s wise to consult with a professional contractor or designer to help plan and execute the project. They can ensure that the toilet renovation meets safety and building code requirements. Especially when the electrical cable and water pipes are concealed nowadays.

Bathroom & Toilet Flooring Singapore.

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