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Slippery Flooring Tiles Solutions

Understanding The Best Bathroom Flooring For Safety.

Many slip and fall accidents happen especially in wet shower, bathroom and toilet flooring. This is due to shower foam, bath elements and water.

Beside suffering from serious injuries and pain, it could also lead to fatal death. Especially elderly, seniors and young at home.

The aging population in Singapore has risen rapidly. Therefore, the clear need to raise public awareness of fall prevention can help to greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls in wet areas.

The problem is due to misconception of anti-slip flooring. And lack of proper understanding of root issues for slippery floors.

It can be devastating especially when you witness slip and fall happen to your friends, relatives and family members. And you know you can actually prevent it.

This article will share more on how non-slip flooring works so that fall prevention can be greatly reduced.


1. Concept.

Firstly, rough texture floor surface may not be real anti-slip. Such as anti-slip tiles, non-slip epoxy paint or epoxy flake coating. We always have a misconception is good enough and not slippery.

This is not totally right when come to bathroom flooring. The flooring must be slip resistant even under wet conditions. And most of time, the floor is even more slippery with soapy water. Beside aesthetic appearance, anti-skid measure for bathroom safety flooring are important. Always, keep the bathroom floor clean and dry.


2. Ease of Cleaning.

Again, although anti-slip matte tiles can be better compared to smooth gloss tiles. The rough textured porous tiles or epoxy pebble, chips or flakes can trap dirt, stains and algae more easily. Especially bath and soap build-up. Therefore, the epoxy floor coating and non-slip tiles become more slippery in a long run.

So choosing the right slip resistant tiles are important. Beside the slip resistant under wet or soapy surfaces, it must be easy to maintain clean.


3. Floor Agent & Detergent.

Wrong floor detergent used may result in more slippery floors. Always get a floor cleaner designed for bathroom tiles. And take note of any slippery ingredient inside. This is to prevent getting your tiles clean but leaving a slippery film on the textured surface.


Looking to prevent slippery tiles, epoxy flake flooring and epoxy paint?

We have the solution for you. YHH nano anti-slip products are specifically designed to greatly improve the slip resistance caused by soapy and wettest surface. And also solve the root issue of dirty tiles or wrong floor detergent used.




YHH Anti-Slip Flooring.

YHH Plus Enterprise specialized in clear anti-slip coating for toilet flooring Singapore. Our specifically designed non-slip coating increase the traction for epoxy floor and paint. Chemical and UV resistant suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

We also provide anti-slip floor treatment Singapore for tiles. The nano versatile solutions formulated for different tiles aim to maintain the appearance of tiles and greatly increase the slip resistance even on soapy wettest floor.

Moreover, it will not degrade with instant amazing results. No future defects cost will be incurred due to peeling off. The non-slip solution can be reapplied again when is slowly lose it’s effectiveness due to dirty tiles.

Find out more for our full range of clear nano anti-skid covering and non-skid coating. Such as anti-slip epoxy paint, non-slip spray products for synthetic materials. Such as flake flooring and concrete floor with acrylic or polyurethane paint. It can also be applied to wood, vinyl and laminate. Steel, metal and aluminum. Plastic. fiberglass and acrylic bathtub material.

Take action now for a safer anti-skid flooring. Do not wait for slip and fall accidents to happen. Have a peace of mind for your families and loved ones. Especially elderly, seniors and young at home. Employees and staffs at office and workplace.

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YHH Nano Anti-Slip Flooring Treatment.

Residential Home (Private & HDB Toilet & Bathroom Floor) | Commercial | Industrial.

Indoor and Outdoor Tiles.

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Common Lobby. Walkway. Car Porch. Factory. Corridor. Pavement. Paver. Car Park. Car Porch. Wet Room. Garage. Warehouse. Void Deck. Driveway. Railings. Ramp. Balcony. Utility Room. Patio. Pool Decking. Wood Decking. Back Yard. Stairs. etc.

Best Anti-Slip Coating for Floor Tiles.

Natural Stone. Marble. Onyx Tiles. Travertine. Granite. Quartz. Ceramic Tiles. Mosaic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles. Stoneware. Limestone. Parquet, Wood. Engineered Timber. Solid Hardwood. Softwood. Composite Decking. Metal. Steel. Aluminum. Acrylic, Fiberglass. MMA. Vinyl Flooring. Laminate Floor. Concrete Cement. Pebble Wash. Polyurethane Floor Paint. etc.


Can I brush and scrub my tiles as often?

Yes, highly recommended to maintain clean. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed. Just mop, brush and scrub the floor as normal. This is not a layered coating that will peel off.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

It is an instant effect, the floor can be used immediately upon completion.


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