Best Anti-Slip Coating For Wood, Vinyl & Laminate Floor. Clear Non-Slip Stains, Non-Skid Varnish Spray, Anti-Skid Polyurethane Paint. Epoxy Anti Slip Flooring For Stairs, Decking, Slope and Ramp Outdoor Singapore.

Anti-Slip Coating For Wood, Vinyl Flooring

Slippery Floor Solution.

Wood, vinyl and laminate floors can be slippery even with textured surface when wet.

Therefore, slip and fall prevention on wood, vinyl and laminate floors is crucial to improve traction and maintain a safe environment. Especially for indoor and outdoor stairs, ramp and decking.

Here are some best tips for preventing slippery surfaces on these types of flooring.


1. Use Non-Slip Rugs, Carpet and Mats.

Place non-slip rugs or mats in high-traffic areas. Especially in front of sinks, bathtubs, and entryways.
Make sure the rugs have rubber or non-slip backing to keep them securely in place. Carpet flooring is one of the good choices. It comes with different designs and colors with better slip resistance.


2. Choose the Right Cleaning Products For Wood.

Use floor cleaners specifically designed for wood, vinyl or laminate floors.
Avoid using excessive water when cleaning, as standing water can make these surfaces slippery.


3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance.

Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove dust and debris that can make the floor slippery.
Clean up spills promptly to prevent moisture from causing slip hazards.


4. Slip-Resistant Wood Finishes.

Consider applying a slip-resistant finish or sealer designed for your specific type of flooring. These anti-slip products coating add traction to the surface.


5. Non-Slip Shoes.

Wear proper or non-slip shoes, especially for individuals who are more prone to slipping.


6. Keep the Wood Flooring Dry.

Be mindful and always keep the flooring dry. Place slippery floor signage at designated wet area. Especially in areas like bathrooms. Consider using bathmats with non-slip backing inside the shower or bathtub.
For entryways, use absorbent mats to help keep the floor dry on rainy days.


7. Proper Cleaning Technique.

When mopping, use a damp (not soaking wet) mop and a recommended floor cleaner. Dry the floor promptly to prevent moisture buildup.


8. Avoid High-Gloss Products.

Be cautious about using high-gloss or shiny floor finishes, wax or varnish. As polished flooring tend to be more slippery.


Conclusion. Wood, Vinyl & Laminate.

By following these precautions and practicing good maintenance. You can significantly reduce the slipperiness of wood, vinyl and laminate floors. Thus, creating a safer floor environment for yourself and others in your home and workplace.

YHH Best Nano Anti-Slip Coating.

If slippery floors issue still persist, we have the solution for you.

YHH Plus Enterprise is able to enhance the grip further for slippery wood, laminate and vinyl flooring.

Our extra fine clear anti-slip coating, non-slip spray and non-skid decking stain. Such as non-slip coating for wood, timber and parquet. Vinyl, laminate, rubber and cork flooring. Steel, iron, metal and aluminum. Fiberglass and acrylic materials.

Ideal on concrete, epoxy flooring and floor paint coatings. UV and chemical resistant. Suitable for outdoor concrete, composite decking and tiles.

YHH Plus Enterprise offer our best non-slip product for tiles. This invisible nano clear anti-slip solution are able to treat all floor tiles with high slip resistance. Therefore, to greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall. Even for soapy wettest floor surfaces.

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Best Nano Non-Slip Coating.

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Will it cause cuts and abrasion?

No, this is an extra fine floor paint. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

The floor can be used 1-2 hours upon completion.


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