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Best Epoxy Flooring & Floor Paint

For best results, painting bathroom tiles and applying a non-slip epoxy coating. Beside durability and aesthetic appearance. Safety should be the top priority. Always consider paint and epoxy coatings with anti-slip properties. These floor coating must be able to have high slip resistance on wet surfaces. Especially for elderly, seniors and kids at home. Let’s explore types of paint and epoxy coating for bathroom tiles.


Best Paint for Bathroom Tiles.

1. Epoxy Paint.

Epoxy-based tiles paints are ideal for bathroom flooring. Because they are exceptionally durable and water-resistant.

2. Acrylic Latex Paint.

Acrylic latex paints can work well for bathroom tiles. Especially if the tiles are on walls. They come in a variety of colors and are easier to apply than epoxy.

4. Mildew-Resistant Paint.

Bathrooms can be prone to mold and mildew. So using a paint with mildew-resistant properties to prevent these issues.


Best Non-Slip Epoxy Coating.

1. Epoxy Non-Slip Coating.

Look for epoxy-based non-slip coatings designed for use on floors. These coatings provide durability and a non-slip surface. Making them suitable for bathroom floors.

2. Anti-Skid Additives.

Some epoxy coatings allow you to add anti-slip additives to the mixture before application. These additives create a textured surface for better traction.

3. Polyurethane Non-Slip Coating.

Polyurethane-based non-slip coatings are another option. Especially if you prefer a different type of finish. They offer good durability and slip resistance.

4. Clear Non-Slip Coating.

If you want to maintain the existing tile. Consider a clear non-slip coating that can be applied over the tiles. In addition, without changing their appearance.

Nano Anti-Slip Coating For Epoxy Flooring Paint.

If slippery flooring can still be persist. YHH Plus Enterprise has the solution for you. Our clear anti-slip epoxy floor paint is able to enhance the traction further for safety.

Beside that, we offer wide range of best nano clear anti-slip flooring for bathrooms. Our versatile non-slip floor spray solutions are able to enhance the slip resistance of all tiles. High slip resistant even on soapy wettest floor surfaces.

YHH nano non-slip coating for tiles is non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-corrosive. UV and chemical resistant. Therefore, suitable for outdoor concrete, decking and tiles. It is barefoot and pet-friendly flooring for dogs too.

In addition, it will not peel off and degrade. No grits, small particles, additives or sand will be formed. Therefore, make it easier for cleaning maintenance.

We are the trusted floor coating specialist and contractor Singapore. It’s proven to work effectively with raving reviews from homeowners and past projects.

Suitable for all residential HDB and private homes. Commercial, industrial and public sectors. Such as bathroom floor, toilet, shower, bathtub and kitchen.

Exclusive to supply and install in Singapore. Not a DIY anti-slip product.

BCA and SS485:2001 specification for slip resistance classification of pedestrian flooring, ramp and surface materials.

You may be interested in our anti-slip floor products for different tiles and materials..


1. Anti-Slip Floor Spray For Tiles.

Looking to treat for ceramics tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic and homogenous tiles? There are few types of anti-slip spray coating for matte tiles. They are specially designed for different nature and color of tiles. Therefore, floor coating will not alter much change in looks.


2. Non-Slip Coating For Gloss & Polished Tiles.

To maintain the glazed, gloss and polished surface of the tiles. Such as polished porcelain tile. YHH specially designed anti-slip tile coating can maintain the glossiness and the desired slip rating.


3. Non-Slip Treatment For Marble & Granite.

How about marble anti-slip, granite and natural stone? Our non-slip sealer and sealant are designed for travertine marble, granite and limestone flooring. Ideal for honed or polished marble and granite for better grip.


4. Anti-Slip Spray For Vinyl, Laminate & Wood.

Extra fine clear anti-slip decking paint and non-skid paint. Such as anti-slip stain for wood, timber and parquet. Vinyl, laminate and rubber flooring.

Steel, metal and aluminum. Fiberglass and acrylic materials. UV resistant which is suitable for outdoor concrete, composite decking and tiles.


Conclusion- Best Cost Effective & Hassle Free.

Nano anti-slip treatment create an instant amazing effect. Not an acid chemical which need to leave on and dry. No hacking, epoxy floor or tiles overlay is required. Therefore, it is cost-effective and hassle free to get rid of slippery floors. Beside that, we are able to clean dirty tiles. With our deep cleaning and disinfecting agents. Upon completion, the tiles are cleaner.

Slip and fall accidents can caused serious injuries. Such as fracture, broken bones and head. Especially on highly risk wet areas. Such as shower, kitchen, bathroom and toilet flooring.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially for elderly, seniors and disabled at home. Employees and co-workers at workplace from slip and fall accidents.


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