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Safety Floor Tiles For Bathroom, Toilet & Shower

Best Safety Floor Tiles.

Effective slip-resistant solutions are paramount to solve, fix and prevent slipping. As slip and fall hazards can cause significant consequences. Especially for elderly, seniors and young children.

Anti-slip safety flooring can protect people from injury, minimize legal and financial risks. And also maintain a safe environment at home, public premises and businesses. Therefore, choosing floor tiles for bathroom and toilet flooring involves considering several important factors. To ensure functionality and aesthetics. And safety as the first priority.

When it comes to remodeling toilet and bathroom flooring. You can have two main options. Overlaying new tiles over the existing ones. Or hacking the old tiles before installing new ones. Each renovation method has it pros and cons. Such as budget, waterproofing and specific condition.

Here are some key points and safety tips to guide you in making the best choice. But regardless of any anti-slip flooring chosen. It’s better to enhance the slip-resistant for bathroom when wet or soapy. As floor tiles will become more slippery due to bath and shower foam over time.

1. Floor Tiles Material.

Ceramic Tile.

Ceramic tiles are durable, water-resistant and available in a wide range of designs and colors. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchen.

Porcelain Tile.

Porcelain tiles are denser and more durable than ceramic, with low water absorption. Suitable for high-traffic and moisture-prone areas.

Homogenous Tile.

Homogeneous tiles are a popular choice for bathroom and toilet flooring. Due to their durability, consistency and low maintenance.

Homogeneous tiles are a type of porcelain tiles. That is made from a single layer of material. Unlike glazed tiles, which have a separate glaze layer. Homogeneous tiles are consistent in color and texture throughout their entire body. This makes them exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Natural Stone.

Natural stone such as marble, granite and slate. Luxurious and durable but requires regular sealing to prevent stains and water damage. You can also consider to install natural stone on walls than bathroom flooring instead.

Vinyl Tile.

Vinyl tiles is cost-effective, easy to install and water-resistant. Available in various styles. Including those mimicking wood or stone.


2. Floor Tiles Slip Resistance.

Choose tiles with a textured surface or those rated for slip resistance to prevent accidents in wet areas. Look for tiles with a higher COF known as coefficient of friction rating. Such as R9, R10, R11, R12 or R13 floor tiles.


3. Floor Tiles Size.

Larger tiles can make a small bathroom appear more spacious. But may require more cutting and precise installation.

Smaller tiles such as mosaics can provide better traction. Which are easier to slope towards drains.


4. Maintenance.

Go for tiles that are easy to clean and maintain. Glossy tiles can show water spots and smudges more easily than matte finishes. As cleaner tiles will prevent slipperiness.

Darker grout lines can help conceal dirt and stains compared to lighter grout.


5. Style and Color.

Choose colors and patterns that complement your bathroom’s overall design and color scheme.

Lighter colors can make a small bathroom feel larger. While darker tones can add a sense of warmth and coziness. But darker color will often result in visible white residues formed. Without proper cleaning due to shower and soap elements.


6. Floor Tiles Durability.

Ensure the tiles are suitable for flooring not just walls. To withstand foot traffic and potential impacts.

Check the tile’s PEI which is known as porcelain enamel institute rating for wear resistance. For bathroom floors, a rating of III or higher is recommended.


7. Cost & Budget.

Consider the cost of the tiles as well as installation expenses. Natural stone tiles are generally more expensive than ceramic or porcelain.


8. Grout.

Choose a high-quality, mold-resistant grout to prevent moisture buildup. Such as epoxy grouting to maintain the longevity of the tiles.


9. Environmental Considerations.

Look for eco-friendly options if sustainability is a priority. Recycled glass tiles, for instance, can be a good choice.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select bathroom and toilet floor tiles that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. But also provide slip-resistant, durability and ease of maintenance.

Nano Floor Tiles Non-Slip Treament.

YHH offer anti-slip spray for tiles is specially designed to increase slip resistance. Even on soapy wettest surfaces for safety flooring. Work better than rough textured floor tiles when wet.

YHH slip-resistant for tiles is at the lowest possible cost to solve slippery tiles. Because it will not peel off or crack for future removal.

Perfect for porcelain, ceramic and homogenous tiles. Mineral, terracotta and quarry tiles. Natural stone like quartz, marble and granite slab.

Suitable for decking, stairs and pool pavers. Outdoor concrete and wet rooms. Like shower tray, bathroom and toilet.

Our non-skid solutions are widely formulated for matt, glazed and polished tiles. This is an eco-friendly non-slip spray with cleansing and antimicrobial agents. It’s easy to maintain as no aggregates are formed.





Nano Clear Non-Slip Paint.

YHH offer extra fine clear anti-slip floor paint and spray for all materials. Like hardwood, linoleum, vinyl sheet. Plank or laminate. Synthetic surface such as fiberglass and acrylic polymer too.

Other non-slip floor paint product includes anti-slip decking oil for composite decking, wood and timber.

It does not change the appearance and looks. Which is durable and long lasting. UV and weather resistance. Therefore, perfect for indoor and outdoor areas.

Beneficial for garage, warehouse and factory. Marine boat decking, ship and yacht too.

Beneficial for HDB residential home, commercial and industrial settings. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially toddler, young kids and disabled. individuals.


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