Best Types Of Decking Singapore. Anti-Slip Deck Oil. Non-Slip Floor Wax & Varnish. Anti-Skid Paint. Non-Skid Spray Coating. For Slippery Hardwood, Composite & Wood. Bamboo, PVC & Aluminum. Concrete, Paving Stone Slab Or Slate. Tiles & Epoxy Paint. Indoor & Outdoor Areas.

Best Anti-Slip Decking Coating & Paint

Best Types Of Anti-Slip Decking.

Anti-slip solution to treat decking non-slip is essential to prevent skidding and high slip resistance for safety. Especially for wet outdoor areas and surface material.

There are several types of decking materials available, including.

1. Wood deck.

Traditional options like cedar, redwood, pine and tropical hardwoods. Such as ipe or mahogany.

2. Composite decking.

Made from a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic. Offering low maintenance and durability.

3. PVC decks.

Made entirely of synthetic materials. Offering resistance to mold, moisture, and insects.

4. Aluminum deck.

Lightweight, durable and resistant to rot, mold and insects.

5. Bamboo deck.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable option. Offering durability and natural beauty.

6. Concrete decking.

Durable and long-lasting, suitable for modern and industrial-style designs.

7. Stone or tile decking.

Offers a luxurious and durable option. Typically made from materials like stone paving slab. Marble, granite or slate. Ceramic, homogenous or porcelain tiles.

To make decking less slippery, you can consider the below anti-slip solutions and products.

1. Clean the decking surface.

Regularly to remove algae, moss and debris.


2. Apply a non-slip decking finish.

Apply anti-slip deck spray. Non-slip paint specifically designed for outdoor use.


3. Install anti-slip inserts.

Install anti-slip inserts or mats on high traffic areas.


4. Use Decking abrasive strips.

Use abrasive strips or grip tape on stairs nosing, steps and edges.


5. Avoid using oil-based finishes.

Avoid using oil-based or glossy finishes. Such as varnish or wax the decking with oil. As they can make the surface more slippery. Consider using water-based anti-slip decking oil.


6. Pressure Washing or Water Jetting.

Consider pressure washing or water jetting. With a detergent designed to remove algae and mold.

YHH Nano Non-Slip Decking Paints.

Looking to solve slippery decking? YHH Plus Enterprise has the solution for you. We offer extra fine clear anti-slip paint for different deck materials and epoxy flooring. It is suitable for linoleum, wood, vinyl plank or laminate. PVC, fiberglass and polymer acrylic too.

It also provides reliable traction for outdoor spaces. It adheres well to different materials like concrete floor. Making it ideal for stairs, patio, shed and car porch. Walkways, paths and pavements. Travertine pools and pavers.

YHH anti-slip product is weather-resistant and durable to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.



Clear Nano Anti-Slip Floor Treatment.

Beside floor coating paint for slippery decking. We also provide versatile anti-slip solutions for matte and polished tiles. It is cost-saving and hassle-free. Which is a permanent solution for tiles. And no hacking and floor tiles overlay are required.

Compatible with ceramic and porcelain tiles. Mineral floor and stoneware. Natural stone like marble and granite.

YHH anti-slip floor treatment Singapore offers the best bathroom floor coating without compromising aesthetics. Our anti-slip products are transparency. While providing effective slip resistance on various surfaces. UV and chemical resistant. Which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decking.

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Best slip resistant treatment for tile floors.

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