Epoxy Flooring, Floor Paint, Spray, Tiles, Vinyl Vs Anti-Slip Coating For HDB Residential, Commercial & Industrial In Singapore.

Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring, Floor Paint, Spray, Tiles, Vinyl Vs Non-Slip Coating

We always have a misconception that epoxy flooring, tiles, vinyl, floor paints and spray works well as anti-slip flooring for safety. This may not be true.

Each with unique characteristics and properties that determine their suitability for application.

This article will explore more about usage of epoxy flooring, floor paint, tiles, vinyl and anti-slip coating for safety. 

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating are a popular choice for many residential homes and businesses premises. This is due to their durability and toughness. And also without hacking the existing floor. Normally, it consist of a two-part mixture made of resin and hardener.

Different epoxy system undergoes a chemical reaction to form a hard and durable surface coating. Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and impact which can withstand heavy traffic. Some are used for waterproofing purposes.

It offer an efficient way of protecting surfaces from wear and tear and moisture. They come in different types to cover the existing floor for a new appearance. Most commonly used on cement concrete floor and tiles. 

But epoxy flooring and paint can be slippery when wet. Especially in bathroom, toilet, shower and kitchen which is highly prone to slip and fall accidents. Therefore, epoxy flooring are often mixed with anti-slip additives.

For example, pebbles, flakes, stone, sand, agents to increase the slip resistant. But it will often trap more contaminants, stains, bath and soap residues which results the flooring to more slippery in a long run.

Thus, it is important to understand the ease of cleaning and future maintenance. Whether is more suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

Epoxy coating and floor paint will crack and peel off over time and incur future defect costs for removal.

Overlay of Tiles & Vinyl

Overlay of tiles, vinyl are good options to have a new look of flooring without hacking. Tiles have a slip resistance rating of R9-R13 in specifications. Normally, R10 slip resistance rating tiles are highly recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets and shower trays. Because it’s easier to maintain to prevent contaminants, stains, bath and soap elements. Floor tiles are also durable, robust and long lasting.

But regardless of slip resistant tiles or vinyl, it can still be slippery especially under wet conditions.


Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Non-slip floor coating is a clear solution to apply on existing floor without changing the look. 

The anti-skid coating is cost-effective, hassle-free as no hacking is required. It can increase the coefficient of friction to enhance the traction of synthetic materials, epoxy floor coating, vinyl and tiles.

Conclusion- Epoxy, Paint, Tiles, Vinyl, Floor Coating

In conclusion, tiles, vinyl, epoxy flooring, paints & sprays come in different designs, colors and patterns. Each with unique characteristics, properties that determine their suitability for various spaces.

Understanding the different tiles, vinyl, floor epoxy coatings and paints available will help ensure that the right type is chosen.

Thus, resulting in a durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Last of all, it is a completely different concept of epoxy flooring, floor paint, tiles and vinyl with anti-slip coating,

A new overlook of floor appearance may not be anti-slip under wet conditions. Sometimes, it can be even more slippery than the previous flooring. So do not presume non-slip flooring are not slippery when wet.

Whereas, clear anti-slip floor coating focus to enhance the grip of any types of flooring for safety without changing the appearance.


Nano Anti-Slip Floor Coating

YHH Plus Enterprise offer the best nano clear anti-slip treatment for any slippery floors in Singapore.

Other non-skid products of clear non-slip floor coating for wood, decking, vinyl, laminate. Metal, steel grating, polyurethane paint. Acrylic, latex paint, epoxy paint, etc.

Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones. Especially for seniors, elderly and young kids.


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Nano Non-Skid Coating

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