DIY Anti-Slip Solution Vs Non-Slip Treatment Installation

DIY Anti-Slip Solution For Tiles. Non-Slip Chemical Spray Product Vs Anti-Skid Paint Treatment. Non-Skid Coating Installation. For Floor Tiles, Bathroom Flooring. Toilet, Shower & Kitchen. Contractor & Professional Specialist Singapore.

 DIY Slip-Resistant Treatment For Tiles


DIY anti-slip solutions and non-slip coating, treatment installations both aim to improve traction and prevent slips and falls. There are many types of DIY anti-slip product. Such as anti-slip spray, non-slip paint and mat.

Here’s a comparison for DIY or having a professional to install for you.

1. Cost.

DIY non-slip solution are typically cheaper upfront. As they often involve purchasing anti-slip products like adhesive tapes, solutions or mats. Non-slip coating installation can be more expensive. Especially if you hire professionals.

2. Ease of Application.

DIY non-slip solution are usually easier to apply since they’re designed for consumer use. Non-slip coating may require professional application. As they often involve surface preparation and specific application techniques.

3. Durability.

Anti-slip treatment tend to be more durable and long-lasting. They are often designed for heavy traffic areas and can withstand wear and tear better than some DIY options.

4. Aesthetics.

Non-slip coatings can be more aesthetically pleasing since they can be applied directly to the surface, maintaining its appearance. DIY solutions may be less visually appealing.

5. Customization.

DIY solutions offer limited customization. While anti-slip coating can be tailored to specific surfaces and environments.

6. Long-Term Maintenance.

Anti-slip treatment may require less maintenance over time compared to some DIY products. Which may need periodic replacement.

7. Safety.

Both options can enhance safety. But the effectiveness may vary depending on the product and its application.

The choice between DIY and non-slip coating installation depends on your budget. The specific area you need to address. And lastly, our long-term maintenance preferences. For critical areas or complex flooring and tiles. Professional non-skid coating are usually recommended for maximum safety and durability.

Nano Clear Slip-Resistant Flooring. (Not A DIY Product)

YHH Plus Enterprise are the trusted slip resistance flooring contractor and specialist in Singapore. We are able to enhance the grip of concrete floors with epoxy paint and coating. It’s proven to work effectively with raving reviews from homeowners and past projects.

Suitable for all bathroom flooring, toilet, shower, bathtub and kitchen. For interior and exterior uses.

Exclusive to supply and install in Singapore. Not a DIY non-skid floor product.

You may be interested in YHH best nano slip resistant floor products. Such as non-slip epoxy paint for other synthetic materials.

Cost Effective & Hassle Free.

YHH nano anti-slip flooring for tiles is non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-corrosive. UV and chemical resistant. Barefoot friendly and safe for dogs and pets too. In addition, deep cleansing and disinfecting agents make the tile cleaner.

The floor coating will not peel off and degrade. Lastly, it is not an DIY anti-slip chemical acid etching on tiles to leave on. No grits, small particles, additives or sand will be formed. Therefore, make it easier for cleaning maintenance. It also allows hard brushing and scrubbing.

No future defect cost will be incurred due to peeling off and cracking.

No hacking, epoxy floor or overlay tiles is required. Therefore, it is an excellent best choice and cost-effective to solve slippery tiles hazard.

BCA and SS485:2001 specification for slip resistance classification of pedestrian flooring, ramp and surface materials.

Slip and fall accidents can caused serious injuries. Such as fracture, broken bones and spine. Especially on highly risk wet areas. Such as bathtub, shower, kitchen, bathroom and toilet flooring.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially for elderly, seniors and disabled at home. Employees and co-workers at workplace from slip and fall hazards.


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