Anti-Slip Wax, Best Non-Slip Decking Oil & Stain. Anti-Skid Polyurethane Paint, Non-Skid Floor Spray Coating. Polish & Varnish For Hardwood, Parquet, Timber, Vinyl & Laminate Flooring. Indoor & Outdoor Wood Stairs & Engineered Composite Decking Singapore.

Anti-Slip Decking Oil, Wax For Wood Floor & Decking

Anti-Slip Wax, Polish & Varnish.

Waxing, polishing and varnish wood floor can add as a protection layer. Enhance the natural beauty of wood and timber. It can also provide a durable and long-lasting finish. To prevent fading, rot or damage against water, sunlight and weather.

Such as composite decking, parquet, wood stairs, hardwood and timber. Due to indoor and outdoor UV exposure. Beside that, anti-slip formula properties should be applied for safety to enhance the grip.

The best cost-effective method is to apply anti-skid coating. Such as anti-slip wax, non-slip decking oil, stain and non-slip spray paint.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to polish, wax, and varnish wood, timber, and parquet:


1. Clean the Surface.

Start by cleaning the surface to remove any dust, dirt, or residue. Use a mild wood cleaner and a soft, lint-free cloth.


2. Prepare the Surface.

If the wood has an existing finish, ensure it’s in good condition. Sand the surface lightly if needed to create a smooth base for the new finish.


3. Polishing.

Apply a high-quality wood polish using a soft cloth. Follow the wood grain, applying the polish evenly. Allow it to dry completely.


4. Anti-Slip Waxing.

Use a clean cloth or applicator to apply a thin layer of wood wax. Ensure you follow the direction of the grain.


5. Varnishing.

If you want a more durable finish, consider applying wood varnish. Choose a varnish suitable for your wood type.

Use a brush or applicator to apply a thin, even coat of varnish. Allow it to dry completely.


6. Sand between Coats (if applicable).

If you’re applying multiple coats, lightly sand the surface between each coat for a smoother finish.


7. Final Buffing.

Once the final coat has dried, buff the surface with a clean, dry cloth to enhance the shine and smoothness.


8. Anti-Slip Coating Product.

There are various non-slip products available. Such as anti-slip decking oil, non-slip wax, polish, spray paint, anti-slip decking. Apply these suitable anti-skid products to the wood floor, timber, parquet or decking.

This process helps protect the wood, enhances its appearance and provides a durable finish with non-slip surface.



Nano Anti-Slip Decking Oil & Wax.

YHH provide the best extra fine clear anti-slip paint for wood flooring and decking. The non-slip floor paint is UV resistant which is ideal for indoor and outdoor wooden stairs, timber and decking.

Other roll-on anti-skid paint is also ideal for vinyl, laminate, fiberglass and acrylic surface too.

Let’s take a look at YHH non-slip products, anti-slip spray paint and floor coating for tiles.


Nano YHH Anti-Slip Floor Coating.

YHH offer the best anti-slip coating for tiles Singapore. This is clear nano solution to greatly increase the slip-resistant of tiles. Even on soapy and wettest floor. Such as bathtub, shower, kitchen, bathroom and toilet flooring.

Wide versatile ant-slip floor solutions which is ideal for all types of tiles and natural stone. Such as limestone, marble floor, granite, terrazzo and quartz. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, stoneware, homogeneous tiles and many more.

YHH non-slip floor coating is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

This is not a chemical acid etching to leave on to dry. Therefore, it is barefoot friendly and safe for pets and dogs too. Our floor coating is cost-effective and hassle-free. As no hacking and floor overlay tiles are required.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Such as stairs, wood, composite decks, pools, patio and car porch, etc.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially elderly, seniors, disabled and young to remove slippery tiles at home. Employees and staff at workplace. Contact Us Now!





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Nano Non-Slip Floor Treatment.

Residential Home (HDB, Private) | Commercial | Industrial.

Anti-Skid Indoor & Outdoor Tiles.

Non-slip bathroom tiles. Anti-skid toilet floor. Anti-slip for shower. Non-skid kitchen coating. Non-slip bathtub spray.

Common Lobby. Walkway. Path. Corridor. Pavement. Paver Slab. Patio. Swimming Pool. Balcony. Utility Room. Car Porch. Car Park. Warehouse. Factory. Food Restaurant. Garage. Pool Deck. Yard. Staircase, etc.

Best Slip resistant floor treatment for all types of materials.

Marble. Granite. Ceramic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Quartz. Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles. Parquet, Hardwood. Engineered Composite Decking. Acrylic. Fiberglass. Vinyl Tiles. Laminate Floor. Concrete. Pebble Wash. Polyurethane Paint. Floor Paint, etc.


Will it result in abrasion or cuts?

No. this is an extra fine floor paint. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

The floor can be used 1-2 hours upon completion. The floor coating dry fast.


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