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Anti-Slip Toilet Flooring

Bathroom & Toilet Flooring Renovation.

When considering epoxy toilet and bathroom renovation and floor overlay. Ensuring anti-slip bathroom and toilet flooring safety is crucial for several reasons.

Wet slippery epoxy flooring surfaces can lead to accidents. Taking safety precautions helps prevent slips and falls. Therefore, reducing the risk of injuries.

Bathroom flooring are common places for accidents. And injuries in this area can be severe and fatal. Safety measures on slippery floors protect individuals. Particularly toddlers and the elderly who are more vulnerable to falls.

A safe bathroom environment also allows disabled person. Especially those with mobility challenges to perform their daily needs.

Have a peace of mind knowing that the toilet, shower and bathroom floor safety measure is equipped. Thus, contributing to a more comfortable home living environment.

To make epoxy flooring less slippery for a bathroom. You can incorporate anti-slip additives into the epoxy coating or floor paint. Here’s a step-by-step ideas and guide for topcoat.


1. Toilet Flooring Anti-Slip Additive.

Select an anti-slip additive designed for epoxy coatings. Common options include fine sand, satin stone flakes or silica grit. Or proprietary additives specifically formulated for epoxy floors.


2. Prepare the Epoxy Mixture.

Mix the anti-slip additive with the epoxy resin. Typically, adding anti-slip material to the epoxy mixture before application.


3. Thorough Mixing.

Ensure that the anti-slip additive is thoroughly mixed into the epoxy to create a consistent texture.


4. Toilet Flooring Epoxy Coating.

Before applying epoxy floor coating to your bathroom floor. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application.


5.  Roller or Brush.

Apply the mixture using a roller or brush. Work systematically and avoid leaving any areas uncovered.


6. Allow Sufficient Drying Time.

Allow the epoxy floor coating to dry completely. This is crucial for ensuring a durable and effective non-slip surface.


7. Apply Additional Coats.

For a more durable epoxy product and the level of slip resistance desired. You may need to apply multiple coats.


8. Regular Toilet Flooring Cleaning.

Keep the epoxy floor clean. As dirt and soap residue can contribute to slipperiness. Regular maintenance will help maintain the effectiveness of the non-slip surface.

Nano Anti-Slip Toilet Flooring Treatment.

Looking to fix and get rid of slippery epoxy toilet flooring? YHH Plus Enterprise has the solution for you.

We are the trusted floor coating contractor and specialist Singapore. We provide wide range of nano clear anti-slip paint, decking oil and spray. They are specially designed to enhance the slip resistant for epoxy floor paint and epoxy flakes flooring.

It can be applied to laminate and vinyl floor too. Ideal for hardwood, timber and parquet. Steel, metal and aluminum. Fiberglass and polymer acrylic materials. Applicable on epoxy flooring and urethane floor paint.

It is also UV-resistant for concrete, stairs and decking outdoor. Best for interior and exterior uses. Suitable for all residential HDB home, commercial and industrial sectors. Exclusive to supply and install in Singapore. Not a DIY non-slip product.

Let’s look at YHH anti-slip products for tile floors.

Our nano anti-slip floor treatment for tiles is non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-corrosive. Barefoot-friendly and safe for dogs too.

In addition, it will not peel off and degrade. The non-slip solution is chemical-resistant and not an acid etching on tiles. No grits, agent additives or sand will be formed.

Therefore, make it easier to maintain. It also allows hard brushing and scrubbing. No hacking and overlay of tiles are required.

BCA and SS485:2001 specification for slip resistance classification. For pedestrian flooring, ramp and surface materials.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially for elderly, seniors and disabled at home. Employees and co-workers at workplace. Contact Us Now!

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Nano Anti-Slip Toilet Flooring Coating.

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Best Slip resistant floor treatment for all types of materials.

Marble. Granite. Ceramic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Quartz. Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles. Parquet, Hardwood. Engineered Composite Decking. Acrylic. Fiberglass. Vinyl Tiles. Laminate Floor. Concrete. Pebble Wash. Polyurethane Paint. Floor Paint.


Can I brush and scrub my tiles as often?

Yes, highly recommended to maintain clean. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed. Just mop, brush and scrub the floor as normal. This is not a layered coating that will peel off.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

It is an instant effect, the floor can be used immediately upon completion.


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