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Anti-Slip Concrete & Deck

Anti-Slip Concrete & Deck.

Concrete floor or deck can be slippery when wet. Especially on public areas or outdoor raining surfaces. Therefore, the best cost-effective solution is to apply an anti-slip coating product. Such as non-slip floor paint or anti-slip spray. Or clear anti-slip epoxy paint with additives to increase the slip resistant floor.

This is especially important for common patio, walkway and path. Or stairs, steps, pool deck and driveway.

To make both a concrete floor and decking non-slip. You can utilize several methods tailored to each surface.

For a Concrete Floor.

1. Non-Slip Coating.

Non-slip coatings designed specifically for concrete floors. These anti-slip epoxy paint often contain gritty or textured additives to enhance traction. They come with different topcoat and colors.


2. Non-Slip Floor Mats or Tiles.

Employ non-slip floor mats, vinyl sheets or interlocking tiles on the concrete surface to improve traction and prevent slipping. These anti-slip tiles and mat come in various materials, sizes and designs to suit your needs.


3. Add Grit to Paint or Sealant.

If planning to paint or seal the concrete floor. Incorporate grit or textured additives into the paint sealer or sealant for a non-slip surface. 


4. Polish the Concrete with Non-Slip Additives.

Polishing the concrete floor while incorporating non-slip additives into the compound. This method provides a smoother surface with enhanced traction.


5. Score or Groove the Surface.

Create shallow scores or grooves in the concrete surface to improve traction and facilitate water drainage. Specialized tools can be used to score the surface in a grid pattern.


6. Regular Cleaning.

Keep the concrete floor clean and free of debris. Such as dirt, dust or moisture can contribute to slipperiness. Regular sweeping or mopping. Particularly in areas prone to spills or moisture buildup is crucial.


For a Deck.

1. Non-Slip Decking Stain or Coating.

Specialized non-slip decking stains or coatings formulated for outdoor use. These anti-slip products typically contain grit or textured additives for improved traction. Extra fine clear anti-slip paint can be applied for futher grip.


2. Non-Slip Decking Strips.

Install adhesive-backed non-slip decking strips. It can be applied to the deck surface to enhance traction and reduce slipping. 


3. Anti-Slip Decking Mats or Tiles.

Employ anti-slip decking mats or interlocking tiles on the deck surface to provide traction and prevent slipping. 


4. Regular Maintenance.

Keep the deck clean and free of debris. As accumulated dirt, leaves or moisture can contribute to slipperiness. Regular sweeping or hosing off the deck surface. Particularly after rain can help maintain traction.


Clear Anti-Slip Concrete Sealer.

Looking to fix slippery concrete floor and decks? YHH Plus Enterprise has the solution for you.

YHH provide extra fine clear anti-slip paint. Such as anti-slip spray paint for epoxy flooring and concrete deck. Linoleum, vinyl plank or laminate. PVC, fiberglass and polymer acrylic too.

It provides reliable traction for various outdoor spaces. It adheres well to different materials like concrete and wood. Making it ideal for stair, patio and car porch. Walkway and pavement. Travertine pools and pavers.

YHH anti-slip product is weather-resistant and durable to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.


Nano Anti-Slip Products For Tiles.

Beside anti-skid paint, we also provide non-slip coating for tiles. Our versatile anti-slip solution is perfect for slippery matt, glazed and polished tiles. It is cost-effective and hassle-free. As no hacking and floor tiles overlay are required.

Compatible with homogeneous, porcelain and ceramic tiles. Mineral floor and stoneware. Natural stone marble & granite.

YHH anti-slip floor treatment is designed for safety without compromising aesthetics. Our anti-slip products are transparency. While providing effective slip resistance on various surfaces. UV and chemical resistant. Which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Especially in high-risk wet areas like pools, bathroom and kitchen. Where oily, soapy wet slippery surface is a concern.

Beneficial for all HDB homes, commercial buildings and industrial factories.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially elderly and senior at home. Employees and staff at workplace. Contact Us Now!

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Nano Anti-Slip Floor Treatment.

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