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 Slippery Non-Slip Coating, Spray & Paint

Best Solutions For Slippery Floors.

Slippery floors such as hardwood, composite decking, laminate and vinyl flooring can be slippery when wet. Including indoor and outdoor decking. Therefore, effective slip resistant solutions are paramount to solve, fix and prevent slipping. As slips, trips and falls hazards can cause significant consequences. Especially for elderly, seniors and young children.

Anti-slip safety flooring can protect people from injury, minimize legal and financial risks. And also maintain a safe environment at home, public premises and office.

Below are several remedies for safety flooring. Such as anti-slip solutions, coating or paint. Rugs and mats with proper cleaning and maintenance for less slippery floors.

1. Non-Slip Coating or Paint.

Non-slip coating, anti-slip spray paint for slippery hardwood, vinyl and laminate. These clear anti-slip coating or treatment provide traction.


2. Anti-Slip Wax Or Polish.

Apply anti-slip wax or polish can help to reduce slipperiness on vinyl or hardwood floors. While maintaining the beauty of the wood.


3. Anti-Slip Decking Oil.

Specially designed anti-slip decking oil. Such as deck stain can increase the slip resistance of wood and composite decking.


4. Sand Down and Refinish.

Sanding down and refinish can create a rougher surface. Such as revarnishing by using slip resistant varnish. Or add non-slip additive to your varnish. Particular for parquet, hardwood, timber or wooden floor. But sanding down require more cleaning to remove the dust.


5. Sand Additive.

Mix fine sand with a sealer or deck sealant to create a non-slip surface.


6. Non-slip Grip Tapes or Strips.

Anti-slip grip tapes or adhesive strips can provide a textured surface for better grip. They can be made of metal, rubber or plastic. Use products that are weather-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


7. Carpet, Non-Slip Mat Or Rugs.

Install carpet or use non-slip rugs or mats with non-skid backing. Especially in entryway, bathrooms and kitchens.


8. Handrails.

Install sturdy handrails in areas with stairs or ramps. Support rails or grab bars along the walls or steps, allowing users to hold onto them for support. Such as shower and toilet.


9. Proper Cleaning.

Regularly clean the floors to prevent dirt and moisture buildup. Which can cause slipping hazards. Use specially designed floor cleaner for different floor materials without slippery residue. Dry wet areas immediately to prevent slipping.


10. Gritted Paint or Coating.

Apply gritted non-skid epoxy paint or polyurethane coating. Which contain abrasive particles that provide extra traction.


11. Proper Footwear.

Encourage the use of shoes or slippers with anti-skid soles. Especially at home, workplace or outdoor public area.


12. Maintain Floor Condition.

Regular maintenance such as polishing for hardwood. Or sealing for vinyl and laminate can help maintain a less slippery surface.


13. Humidity Control.

Appropriate indoor humidity levels can prevent floors from becoming slick due to condensation.




Nano Clear Non-Slip Paint.

YHH offer extra fine clear anti-slip floor paint and spray for all materials. Like hardwood, linoleum, vinyl sheet. Plank or laminate. Synthetic surface such as fiberglass and acrylic polymer too.

Other non-slip floor paint product includes anti-slip decking oil for composite decking, wood and timber.

It does not change the appearance and looks. Which is durable and long lasting. UV and weather resistance. Therefore, perfect for indoor and outdoor areas.

Beneficial for garage, warehouse and factory. Marine boat decking, ship and yacht too.

Beneficial for HDB residential home, commercial and industrial settings. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially toddler, young kids and disabled. individuals.


Nano Non-Slip Treament.

YHH also offer anti-slip spray for tiles is specially designed to increase slip resistance for safety. Even on soapy wettest surfaces for safety flooring. Work better than rough anti-slip textured floor tiles when wet.

YHH slip resistant for tiles is at cost effective by achieving a desired effect at the lowest possible cost. Because it will not peel off or crack for future removal.

Perfect for porcelain, ceramic and homogenous tiles. Mineral, terracotta and quarry tiles. Natural stone like quartz, marble and granite slab.

Suitable for decking, stairs and pool pavers. Outdoor concrete and wet rooms. Like shower tray, bathroom and toilet.

Our non-skid solutions are widely formulated for matt, glazed and polished tiles. This is an eco-friendly, durable non-slip spray with cleansing and antimicrobial agents. It’s easy to maintain as no aggregates are formed.





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