Non Skid Paint, Anti Slip Agent, Non Slip Spray, Floor Coating, Anti-Skid Decking Stain, Deck Paint, Anti-Slip For Decking. 

Non skid paint For wood decking

Why non skid paint, anti slip agent, spray, floor coating is important for indoor and outdoor decking? 

Floor decking is normally considered as common walkway, pavement, path, corridor and swimming pool. It could be materials made by wood, hardwood, composite wood, timber, tiles, plastic, polyurethane, epoxy paint on concrete, metal, etc.

All kind of materials for decking can still be slippery when is wet and results in slip and falls.

YHH Plus Enterprise provide clear anti skid paint, anti slip spray, non slip agent, decking stain to enhance the traction of the existing decking to prevent slips and falls.

As safety is always the most important priority for residential home, commercial, industrial, public areas. Therefore, it is essential to improve the grip for wet slippery decking and floor tiles.  

We only supply and install for Quality Assurance.


Non Skid Paint For Decking

Lastly, our anti slip paint, non slip spray, floor coating increase the slip-resistant and traction on floors. It is also hassle free, cost-effective that can be applied on the full entire existing decking floor to prevent slips and falls.

It is durable and resilience to weather conditions for indoor and outdoor premises. Additionally, it is easier to maintain for ongoing and future maintenance to keep the floors clean and free from debris.


Our nano clear anti slip paint, non slip spray, non skid agent, anti skid chemical, liquid is barefoot friendly, non corrosive. Wide variety of components such as primer, additives, agents, non slip product are formulated and designed specially for all types of decks.

For example, non slip coating for wooden deck, composite decking, epoxy floor, epoxy paint. Laminate floor, vinyl flooring, wood varnish, plywood, hardwood, timber, parquet. Cement concrete floor, acrylic, steel plate, stainless steel, metal grating and all surface material.

Chemical Resistant For Tiles

Different anti slip tile treatment is also suitable for marble floor, granite and terrazzo. Porcelain, homogenous tiles, matt or glazed tiles. Mosaic tiles, quartz, stoneware, enamel. Terracotta, pebble wash, natural stones, ceramic tiles, etc.

Anti Skid Paint

YHH Plus Enterprise are your trusted specialists in Singapore offering non slip coating for epoxy flooring, floor paint, vinyl, laminate, tiles. Anti slip decking for wood to enhance the grip for any existing floor surfaces. Whatspp us to learn more about our nano non slip products and services.


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Nano Anti Skid Paint

Residential Home (HDB, Private) | Commercial | Industrial
Indoor and Outdoor Floor 

Anti slip for decking. Slippery pool decking, bathroom and toilet floor tiles. Shower areas. Non skid flooring for kitchens. Best non-slip bathtub treatment, etc.

Common Lobbies, Walkways, Corridors, Pavements. Patio, Swimming Pool Deck, Decking, Yard, Staircase, etc.

Clear non skid paint for all types of floor finish.

Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Quartz, Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles, Parquet, Wood Decking. Acrylic, Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Floor. Concrete, Pebble Wash, Epoxy Floor, Floor Paint, etc.


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