Solutions For Bathroom Flooring, Toilet Tiles Paint & Epoxy Floor Coating, Anti-Slip For Shower, Non-Skid Spray, Anti-Skid Agent, Non-Slip For Kitchen & Slippery Outdoor Areas: HDB Residential, Industrial & Commercial Singapore.

Solutions For Slippery Bathroom & Toilet Flooring Coating

Solutions For Slippery Floor

To get rid of slippery floor is crucial to prevent the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Because slips and falls could cause serious injuries to everyone. It can happen anytime, anywhere at indoor and outdoor areas. Especially on floor materials such as gloss tiles or smooth epoxy flooring, floor coating paint. Some epoxy floor surfaces are extremely slippery when wet.

Especially for vulnerable aging seniors, elderly, disabled, pregnancy women, young kids and toddlers.

Here are 9 breakdown slippery floor solutions to consider to avoid slips and falls.


1. Keep The Flooring As Clean As Possible

Dirty tiles can make the flooring more slippery. Especially with contaminants, spills, oil, stains, dirt, grease, grime, algae, bath and soap buildup. Do frequent cleaning and ensure the floor to be cleaned as far as possible.


2. Use The Appropriate Floor Cleaner Solutions

Always use the right floor cleaner for cleaning without slippery ingredients in it. Every cleaners are designed for different flooring, areas and usage. Find out more before use as wrong cleaning method and floor cleaner may cause slipperiness.





3. Ensure Flooring To Be Dry At All Times

Keep the floors dry as far as possible. Soapy wet surfaces will cause slip resistance rating to drop. Therefore, slips and falls are highly prone to wet bathroom, toilet, shower and kitchen. Always put a slippery floor signage when floor is mopped. Especially on indoor or outdoor public areas, offices and workplaces.


4. Clear of Clutters

Free of clutters can cause trips, slip and fall. Always keep the flooring free from clutters.


5. Lightings

Beside decoration and design, good bright lighting at night is important to prevent trips, slips and falls from happening. User-friendly electrical switch is highly recommended especially for elderly and seniors at home.

6. Install Grip Bars

Installing more grip bars is important to hold on while walking on slippery surfaces especially in bathroom, toilet and shower areas.


7. Slip Resistant Tiles & Anti-Slip Flooring

Higher rating slip resistant tiles, non-slip tiles are highly recommended for bathrooms, toilet and shower tray. But always take note to strike a balance between the ease for future cleaning to prevent stains, dirt, bath and soap elements due to the textured surface.


8. Non-Slip Floor Mat, Fabric and Footwear

Wear a good anti-slip footwear and non-slip floor mat, fabric and rug to dry your feet is also a good method to avoid slip and fall. Always keep your feet as dry as possible.


9. Anti-Slip Floor Solutions, Spray & Paint

The most effective and long lasting solution is to have an anti-slip treatment for tiles to increase the slip resistant. There are many types of anti-slip floor coating. For example, non-skid paint or anti-skid spray can be applied on synthetic materials too. Such as epoxy flooring, polyurethane paint, etc.

Therefore, anti-slip floor coating is beneficial for HDB, private residential homes, industrial & commercial premises.

Slippery Flooring Solutions

Looking for slippery floor solution? YHH Plus Enterprise has the answer for you. We are specialized in clear nano anti-slip floor treatment for tiles in Singapore. We are able to solve the root issues of slippery tiles.

Moreover, it will not degrade with instant amazing results. No future defects cost will be incurred due to peeling off. The anti slip solution can be reapplied again when is slowly lose it’s effectiveness due to dirty tiles.

Find out more for our full range of clear nano anti-slip covering, non-slip formula, non-skid floor coating products which is specially designed for different synthetic materials. Such as vinyl, laminate, wood, metal, steel, epoxy paint to increase the coefficient of friction under dry and wet conditions.

Take action to fix the root issues of slippery tiles for a safer bathroom flooring. Do not wait for slip and fall accidents to happen. Have a peace of mind for your families and loved ones.

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