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Anti-Slip Coating On Wooden Stairs

Slippery stairs, wooden stairs and wood floor can be a major safety hazard particular in areas that are prone to wet conditions. It is crucial, therefore stairs and wood flooring are treated to make them less slippery and slip-resistant. Especially for aging elderly, seniors or older dogs for safety.

Stairs and steps are normally made of different materials. Such as tiles, wood, timber parquet, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, concrete floor, metal, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, acrylic, etc. The steps could be also coated with PU epoxy floor paint.

When wet or exposed to outdoor and outside areas due to raining most of the times. The stairs steps can be very slippery. Therefore, solutions to prevent slip and fall from height is important. 

Looking to fix slippery stairs and wooden floor? Here we outline some general tips on how to make slippery wood and stairs non-slip.

1. Keep the stairs clean and dry

The first step in making stairs slip-resistant is to ensure that they are clean and free from any dirt or debris. All traces of mosses, algae, or other growth should be removed.

Once the staircases have been thoroughly cleaned. They should left dry before any treatments are applied. Always try to keep the staircases steps as dry as possible at all times.


2. Anti-slip coating

One recommended method for making stairs anti-slip and less slippery is to apply a non-slip coating. They can be found in various forms. Such as non-skid paint, varnish, or anti-skid spray and are specifically designed to increase traction on surfaces that are prone to slip and fall.


3. Stairs nosing

Alternatively, stairs nosing like anti-slip adhesive strips or tapes can be fitted onto individual stair treads. These strips or tapes for staircase nosing are quick and easy to install. It can provide an effective barrier against slips. They are also suitable for different areas and are available in a range of colors and styles.


4. Carpet the Stairs and Wood Floor

Another solution is to carpet the landing point, steps for stairs and wood flooring. But carpeting the flooring is commonly use in interior and indoor areas. Exterior and outdoor areas are not suitable due to exposure of wet conditions.


5. Regular Check and Maintenance

Finally, regular maintenance is essential to keep interior or exterior stairs in good conditions. Keep channels free from debris, spills. Always inspect for signs of wear or damage.


Conclusion – Stairs And Wood Flooring

In conclusion, making stairs made of wood or other floor materials less slippery can be achieved by cleaning the surface clean. By applying durable and long lasting non-skid coating. And also install anti-skid adhesive strips and tapes or carpeting and performing regular maintenance.

By following the simple steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and ensure safety.

YHH Plus Enterprise specializes in nano anti-slip paint for stairs steps, ramp, concrete floor. Made of different synthetic materials. For example, epoxy flooring, metal, steel, aluminum grating. Wood, hardwood, parquet, etc.

Our innovation wide range of clear anti-slip coating for tiles, non-skid spray, decking stain & paint are designed to increase the traction of slippery surface to prevent slips and falls. Ideal for different tiles. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, homogenous, mosaic, marble and granite floors.

It is beneficial to all HDB Private home, business, commercial and industrial premises in Singapore.

Take action now to avoid slip and fall hazards. Protect yourself and loved ones. Especially for elderly, seniors, kids and toddlers. Do not wait till accidents happen.



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