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Best Epoxy Flooring.

There are several types of epoxy flooring coating. Each designed for specific applications and performance requirements. Let’s explore some common types of epoxy flooring.

1. Self-Leveling Epoxy Flooring.

Ideal for smooth and even surfaces. It provides a seamless and level finish.

2. Mortar Epoxy Flooring.

Consists of a mixture of additives and agents. Such as epoxy resin, pebbles. Flakes and sand or quartz. Thus, creating a thicker and more robust coating. Suitable for repairing damaged concrete floors.

3. Gravel Epoxy Flooring.

Similar to mortar epoxy. But includes decorative colored chips or gravel for a textured appearance.

4. Vapor Barrier Epoxy.

Helps prevent moisture and vapor transmission from the concrete slab. Therefore, making it suitable for areas with high humidity.

5. Anti-Static Epoxy Floor.

Designed to dissipate static electricity. It’s often used in places with sensitive electronic equipment.

6. Metallic Epoxy Flooring.

Creates a visually stunning, three-dimensional appearance. With metallic pigments suspended in the resin.

7. UV-Resistant Epoxy Floors.

Formulated to withstand exposure to UV light. In addition, preventing yellowing or discoloration over time.

8. Chemical-Resistant Epoxy Floor.

Provides protection against chemical spills and exposure in industrial settings.

9. High-Build Epoxy Floor Coating.

A thicker epoxy coating that offers enhanced durability and coverage.

ConclusionThe choice of floor coating depends on the specific needs of the environment. And level of traffic. And lastly, the desired aesthetic finish.

YHH Nano Anti-Slip Floor Coating

YHH Plus Enterprise provide best clear anti-slip floor coating for bathroom flooring. Toilet, kitchen and shower tiles in Singapore.

Other anti-skid products include clear anti-slip epoxy flooring. Non- slip spray for synthetic materials. For example, wood, vinyl and laminate. Metal and steel grating. Acrylic, fiberglass. MMA and epoxy floor paint.



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Nano Non-Skid Coating.

Residential Home (HDB, Private) | Commercial | Industry.

Indoor and Outdoor Areas.

Bathroom flooring coating. Toilet tiles paint coating. Slippery shower flooring solutions. Kitchens. Bathtub treatment. 

Common Lobby. Walkway. Corridor. Pavement. Balcony. Patio. Swimming Pool Deck. Decking. Utility Room. Yard. Staircase. 

Best Non-Slip Floor Coating for all floor finishes.

Marble. Granite. Ceramic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Quartz. Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles. Parquet. Wood Decking. Acrylic. Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Floor. Concrete. Pebble Wash. Fiberglass. Acrylic. Floor Coating. Floor Paint.


Will it result in abrasion or cuts?

No. this is an extra fine floor paint. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

The floor can be used 1-2 hours upon completion. The floor coating dry fast.


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