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Anti-Slip Flooring For Commercial Kitchen

Anti-Slip Flooring For Commercial Kitchen & Restaurants.

Creating a safe and slip-resistant environment in a commercial kitchen, restaurant and food court. Stalls, hawker centre and coffeeshop is paramount. Fall prevention is important for staff and patrons for safety. Especially on wet and oily surfaces. Here’s an best ultimate guide to anti-slip flooring and slip-resistant measures:


1. Choose the Right Kitchen Flooring Material.

Install flooring materials specifically designed for slip resistance. Common options include non-slip tiles, vinyl, rubber or epoxy flooring.
Look for flooring with a textured or raised surface. Or anti-slip floor tiles with slip resistance rating of R9 and above.


2. Coefficient of Friction (COF).

Ensure that the flooring has a high COF which measures slip resistance. A COF of 0.5 or higher is generally considered slip-resistant.


3. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance.

Implement a rigorous cleaning schedule to remove grease, oil and other contaminants promptly.
Train staff on proper cleaning techniques and use of slip-resistant cleaning products.


4. Appropriate Footwear.

Provide slip-resistant footwear for kitchen and restaurant staff. These shoes are specially designed with high-traction soles.

5. Floor Mats.

Place anti-slip mats in high-risk areas like near sinks, stoves, and dishwashing stations. Make sure these mats are secure and regularly cleaned.


6. Kitchen Floor Coatings.

Apply slip-resistant coating. Spray treatment, anti-slip epoxy paint or sealants to the flooring surface to enhance grip.


7.  Slippery Safety Sign.

Use clear and visible signage to indicate slippery areas. This helps raise awareness among staff and customers.


8. Kitchen Layout.

Design the kitchen layout to minimize the need for staff to cross oily slippery areas frequently.


9. Training and Awareness.

Train staff on safe work practices and the importance of maintaining a clean and dry workspace.
Encourage employees to report any slip hazards immediately.


10. Regulations and Codes.

Familiarize yourself with safety regulations and codes regarding slip resistance in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Identify, substitute or eliminate any potential slip and fall hazards. Implement risk accessment of work activities and methods to reduce the risk level of hazards. Comply with these standards.


11. Regular Inspections.

Always conduct routine inspections of the flooring to identify and address any wear and tear that could affect slip resistance.


Anti-Slip Flooring For Kitchen & Restaurant.

Remember that safety should always be a top priority in commercial kitchens and restaurants. By implementing these measures and staying vigilant. You can significantly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Looking to solve slip and fall hazards in commercial kitchens & restaurants?

YHH Plus Enterprise has the solution for you. We are trusted leader as non-slip floor coating contractor in Singapore. Our best clear nano non-slip floor treatment for tiles is able to enhance the grip and traction. Such as on ceramic, porcelain, any gloss and matt tiles. It will not change the appearance of the tiles. In addition, proven to be industrial standard of slip rating. Even on soapy and wettest surface. This nano floor coating is eco-friendly, non-corrosive and cost-effective.

Other high performance extra fine floor paint and spray include anti-slip epoxy floor coating. It is applicable to all types of synthetic flooring. Such as rubber, metal, steel and aluminum. Vinyl, laminate, hard wood and parquet. Fiberglass, acrylic and plastic.

Do something now to protect your co-workers, staff and employees at workplace, restaurant and kitchen for safety flooring.

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