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Floor Coating Singapore, Anti-Slip Flooring For Bathroom Tiles, Toilet, Shower, Kitchen, Bathtub, Epoxy Floor, Why Non Slip Resistant Treatment, Anti Skid Paint & Non Skid Spray Is Essential & Important?

Floor Coating Singapore

Anti slip floor treatment provide a safe environment at home, commercial and industrial premises. It is a surface treatment that is designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet or greasy surfaces. This treatment is also known as slip-resistant treatment or anti-slip coating.

When the floor surface is wet, there is always a risk of people slipping. Anti-slip coatings are usually applied to floors for different surface materials, including tile, concrete, vinyl, laminate and wood, etc.

Why Slips and Falls Happen?

Generally, surfaces become slippery when there is less friction between the surface and the person walking on it. Slipperiness can be caused by many factors. Such as nature of the flooring, the cleanliness of the floor with contaminants, dirt, oil or grease.

Anti slip floor treatment increases the slip resistant of the surface. With the treated surface, the coefficient of friction increase. Hence, reducing the risk of slipping.

Why Anti Slip Floor Coating is A Must At Home?

The home is a place for safety and comfort. By having the right flooring is an important part of that. Anti-slip floor treatment can provide a number of benefits to homeowners, from improved safety to lower maintenance costs. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of anti-slip floor treatment at home.

Safety And Prevention

The anti slip floor coating create countless microscopic non-slip nano holes on the floor surface. The increased traction will help to prevent serious injuries caused by slipping and falling.

Easy Maintenance

This is a invisible application on the tiles without granules or aggregate formed. Therefore, it is easier to clean and maintain. Also, our anti-slip solutions have a important component which act as disinfectant and cleaning agent to remove dirt, bacteria, and grime buildup.


Anti slip coating is hassle free and cost-effective than replacing the floor tiles. However, by changing of floor tiles do not mean it will be effectively non slip under soapy and wet floors.

Additionally, the treatment can be reapplied over time to maintain its effectiveness.


All in all, anti-slip floor treatment is a great option for any businesses or home. Especially for elderly, seniors citizens, disabled, pregnant wife and young kids.

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