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Epoxy Flooring Coating, Flakes and Paint

Epoxy flooring and floor coating paint are two different solutions for enhancing the durability and appearance of floors in Singapore. Such as garage, warehouse, factory and food industries.

1. Epoxy Flooring.

Epoxy flooring is a coating system that involves the application of epoxy resin and hardeners to a concrete floor surface. This creates a strong, durable and smooth finish.

Epoxy flooring is known for its high resistance to chemicals, abrasion, impact and moisture. Making it a popular choice for industrial, commercial and residential settings.

It comes in various colors and finishes, including glossy and matt. Allowing for customization to match the aesthetic of the space.

Epoxy floors are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Which is an advantage in environments where hygiene and cleanliness are crucial. This is only provided if anti-slip additives or aggregates such as sand, flakes, mica powder or pebble are not added to increase the slip resistance.


2. Floor Coating Paint.

Floor coating paint is a simpler and less durable option compared to epoxy flooring. It typically involves applying floor paint or coatings directly to the floor surface.
While floor paint can provide a fresh look to a space, it may not have the same level of durability as epoxy.

Floor coating paint is suitable for areas with lower foot traffic or where aesthetics are more important than extreme durability. In Singapore, both epoxy flooring and floor paint are available options for floor enhancement.

The choice between the two depends on factors such as the intended use of the space and budget. The desired level of durability and aesthetics.

Epoxy flooring tends to be the preferred choice for industrial and high-traffic environments. While floor paint may be more appropriate for decorative purposes in residential or low-traffic areas.

Anti-Slip Coating For Epoxy Flooring & Floor Paint.

Epoxy flooring or floor paint can be slippery when wet. Such as non-skid epoxy flake coating and epoxy pebble flooring. Especially, if the flooring is not properly maintained. Dirt, stains, algae, soap and contaminants can make the epoxy floor more slippery.

YHH nano best clear extra fine clear anti-slip paint can increase the slip resistance of epoxy floor coating and flooring paint. It is UV resistant which can maintain the existing look. Ideal for indoor and outdoor concrete, stairs and decking.

Suitable for metal flooring. Such as aluminum, iron and steel. Wood, vinyl, laminate, fiberglass and acrylic surface too.

You may be interested in our YHH non-slip products spray and coating for tiles.


Nano YHH Anti-Slip Floor Coating.

YHH provide the best anti-slip coating for tiles Singapore. This is clear nano solution to greatly increase the slip-resistant of tiles. Even on soapy and wettest floor. Such as tub, shower, kitchen, bathroom and toilet flooring.

Ideal for all types of tiles and natural stone. Such as limestone, marble floor, granite, terrazzo and quartz. Ceramic tiles, porcelain, mosaic, stoneware, homogeneous tiles and many more.

YHH non-slip floor coating is environmental-friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

This is not a chemical acid etching to leave on to dry. Therefore, it is barefoot friendly, safe for pets and dogs too. Our floor coating is cost-effective and hassle-free. As no hacking and floor overlay tiles are required.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Such as stairs, wood, composite decks, pools, patio and car porch, etc.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially elderly, seniors, disabled and young to remove slippery tiles at home. Employees and staff at workplace. Contact Us Now!





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Nano Anti-Slip Floor Treatment.

Residential Home (HDB, Private) | Commercial | Industry
Anti-Skid Indoor & Outdoor Tiles.

Non-slip bathroom tiles. Anti-skid toilet floor. Anti-slip for shower. Non-skid kitchen coating. Non-slip bathtub spray.

Common Lobby. Walkway. Path. Corridor. Pavement. Paver Slab. Patio. Swimming Pool. Balcony. Utility Room. Car Porch. Car Park. Warehouse. Factory. Food Restaurant. Garage. Wood Deck. Yard. Staircases, etc.

Best Slip resistant floor treatment for all types of materials.

Marble. Granite. Ceramic Tiles. Porcelain Tiles. Quartz. Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles. Parquet, Hardwood. Composite Wood Decking. Acrylic. Fiberglass. Vinyl Tiles. Laminate Floor. Concrete. Pebble Wash. Polyurethane Paint. Floor Paint, etc.


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