Anti Slip Flooring For Dogs

Anti Slip Flooring For Dogs

Anti Slip Flooring Ideas

Only the Best for Our Best Friends

Anti Slip Flooring For Dogs

Anti slip flooring is ideal for dogs from slipping on slippery surface. It can protect our dogs from suffering from injuries and trauma. Especially for arthritis, older and senior dogs. It can also benefits them from underlying health issues to recover faster too.

Below are few options of anti slip flooring to consider 

Wear a Dog Paw Socks, Anti Slip Shoe, Toe Nail Boots

There are wide range of designs and patterns for dog paws or boots available or you can customize it. Most importantly, it fit your dog’s paw size or toenails so that they can walk comfortably with better grip.

Non Slip Floor Mat, Carpet And Rugs 

This is a great choice to have them placed on common walkway and also areas for resting. Of course, you have to choose a mat with better grip so that your dog do not slide together with the floor surface.

Replace Pet-friendly Flooring

Replacing the flooring to have better traction or rough texture surface. This could be a more expensive option to consider. Exploring more flooring ideas can be quite a hassle if really works for your dogs from slipping.

Anti Slip Spray on Dog’s Paw

The spray works by coating the dog’s paw if they come across slippery surface such as sleek flooring or epoxy floor. But it’s only a temporary non slip solution because you have to reapply again. It normally lasts about a day.

Best Flooring Treatment

Anti slip floor treatment is a effective way and ease of maintenance to solve slippery issue. It can increase the coefficient of friction on the floors for your dogs to have a better friction and prevent slipping. Nevertheless, It is cost effective and practical to cover the full entire flooring. Additionally, anti slip coating is safe for pets, durable and long lasting.



Conclusion-Anti Slip Flooring

There is no doubts that dogs is definitely our best companion and friends. They are part of our family, bringing us joy and laughter. As a pet owner, we will do our best to protect them from getting hurt and injured.

YHH PLUS Enterprise provide the best anti slip flooring to prevent dogs from slipping on floor surfaces.

It can be applied on any types of tiles and flooring. For example, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, porcelain, homogenous tiles, vinyl flooring, laminate floor or hardwood, etc.

If your dogs got difficulties climbing up the stairs or having issue of walking properly on slippery surface, keep in touch with us to find out more.


Anti Slip For Dog

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