What is Slip Resistance Flooring? Anti Slip Tiles Rating R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, Slip Resistant Treatment & Non Slip Floor Coating For HDB, Residential Home, Industrial and Commercial In Singapore: Bathroom, Toilet, Shower, Kitchen and Wet Areas.

Anti-Slip Tiles R9-R13

Slip Resistance Flooring.

Anti-slip tiles rating range from R9, R10, R11, R12, R13. R9 tiles is the lowest rating while R13 is the highest rating for slip resistance. Therefore for safety reasons, it is highly recommended to choose the appropriate finish and design of floor surfaces. Especially for indoor, outdoor wet areas, commercial, industry and various public areas. However, the performance of the flooring will vary when wet and with the type of contaminant present.


How To Choose The Slip Resistant Flooring

To consider the right floor finishes is important being gloss or matt. Polished or gloss finishes is chosen at areas which is normally dry and slip resistance is less important.

Matt or honed finishes is better consideration for areas which is normally wet when higher slip resistance is required.

While considering the choices of surface finishes, it is important to understand it will affect the cleaning regime of different surface. Always compromise with the slip resistance and the ease of cleaning for future maintenance.

In other words, it will be harder to maintain a rough texture tiles because it will accumulate more dirt and stains. It will also result the floors to be more slippery in a long run.




How to Test The Slip Resistance

Beside having the slip resistance class provided by manufacturer, it is highly recommended to test and establish the slip resistance class of the chosen floors. There are simple methods to try out the coefficient of friction of surface when wet although slip resistant can be very subjective.

  1. Step on the wet flooring with one full foot. Slowly adding pressure between the sole and the surface if it slips through easily. (Hold on something before you test)
  2. Use a full palm and press appropriate pressure on the wet surface if it slips through easily.

Never use the tip of foot or footwear to test because normally you will never walk with them.

Wet Pendulum Test Table
Dry Pendulum Test Table

Wet and Dry Slip Resistance Pendulum Test.

There are two types of pendulum swing test to determine the specification of slip resistance classification.

In accordance to SS 485:2011 or BS EN 14231:2003 specification for slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials including ramp should apply for wet pendulum test. National contribution of floor surface to the risk of slipping when wet. Classification range from Z to V for specific locations with minimum pendulum or ramp recommendations.

Dry floor friction test is for internal floors.

National contribution to risk of slipping. Classification range from G to F. The standard indicates floor should have a dry floor friction classification of F unless normal usage dictates otherwise.

There are few companies doing slip resistance test in Singapore. For example, Setsco Services Pte Ltd (www.setsco.com) and Element Construction Testing (S) Pte Ltd. (www.element.com).


Have a Peace of Mind

Therefore, it is important and essential to enhance the grip for all flooring especially wet areas at home, commercial, industry and public areas.

YHH provide the best Anti Slip treatment. This is clear nano solution to greatly increase the slip-resistant of flooring. Ideal for all types of tiles. Such as marble floor, granite, terrazzo, quartz, ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, stoneware, homogeneous tiles and many more.

Other types of clear floor coating include non-slip spray for wood, metal, alumimium, steel, vinyl, laminate, fiberglass, acrylic, etc.

Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones especially elderly, seniors, disabled and young to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

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Nano Slip-Resistant Treatment

Residential Home (HDB, Private) | Commercial | Industry

Non Slip Flooring For Indoor and Outdoor

Non skid for bathroom, anti skid toilet floor, coating for shower tray, kitchen, bathtub, etc.

Common Lobbies, Walkways, Corridors, Pavements, Patio, Swimming Pool Deck, Decking, Yard, Staircases, etc.

Slip resistant coating for all types of floor surfaces.

Marble, Granite, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Quartz, Terracotta. Homogenous Tiles, Parquet, Wood Decking. Acrylic, Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Floor. Concrete, Pebble Wash, Epoxy Floor, Floor Paint, etc.


Can I brush and scrub my tiles as often?

Yes, highly recommended to maintain clean. As no grits, sand, agents or aggregates are formed. Just mop, brush and scrub the floor as normal. This is not a layered coating that will peel off.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?

It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?

It is an instant effect, the floor can be used immediately upon completion.


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