YHH Anti-Slip Coating For Tiles Singapore. Best Anti Slip Treatment: Clear Anti Slip Paint. Anti-Slip Spray. Non-Skid Solutions For Slippery Tiles & Concrete Epoxy Floor. Slip-Resistant Floors. Homogenous, Ceramic & Porcelain Tile. Natural Stone Marble & Granite. Metal, Wood, Laminate & Vinyl Flooring.

Anti-Slip Coating For Tiles Singapore

Nano Anti-Slip Coating

YHH anti-slip coating is the best clear chemical solution of nano anti slip floor treatment technology. It’s specially designed to prevent skidding on slippery soapy wet floor surfaces.

Nano non-slip coating is also known as slip resistant treatment. Our anti-slip solution is proven to work 100% effectively even on soapy and wet floor tiles. In addition, with the longest lifespan expected.

Safety flooring should always be the first priority.

Therefore, the increased slip resistance flooring can prevent dangerous slippery surfaces floors. Especially for tiles, epoxy flooring and decking to protect elderly and your loved ones.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Private, HDB residential home, commercial malls and industrial building Singapore.

Most popular and Exclusive in Singapore

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Innovative Nano Anti-Slip Coating Technology

Quality Assurance. Cost Effective. Not a DIY product.

New Enhanced Version | Extra Protection.


Anti Slip Floor Treatment

Nano Anti-Slip Floor Products. Anti Skid Spray & Non Slip Paint.

Anti slip Spray Paint.

Anti-slip paint applicable to all types on floor tiles, pool deck, material and surface.

Materials as in wood varnish, parquet wood, plywood & timber. Hardwood decking, laminate & vinyl flooring. Natural stone floors, pebble wash and concrete floor.

Non skid application on cement floor, polyurethane, epoxy flooring, epoxy paint. Acrylic, fiberglass, plastic, grating. Stainless steel plate, aluminum and metal, etc.

Anti slip coating for granite floor, marble floor & mosaic tiles. Ceramic tiles & polished homogenous tiles.

Slip-resistant treatment for porcelain tiles, terracotta, quartz. Stoneware, enamel, terrazzo, polish porcelain tiles. Matt or glazed, gloss tiles & stairs nosing, etc.

How Unique YHH Anti-Slip Coating?

This is not a layered anti-slip coating overlay that will peel off over tiles.

Nano anti slip treatment is at its extra fine without aggregate, sand or silica formed. This is not a acid etching anti-slip solutions for tiles to leave on. Therefore, it is safe, barefoot friendly with an instant immediate effect. As a result, it is more easier to maintain from stains.

Wide variety of anti slip floor solutions product formulated for different tiles. In order to mix and match for the best results.

Only clear anti-slip coating which works even under wet soapy slippery floor.

Anti slip agent come with deep cleansing and disinfect additives. Hence, making the tiles cleaner upon completion.


Non Toxic

Non Corrosive

UV & Chemical Resistant

Safe for pets.

Non-Slip Flooring for Dogs & Cats.

Fast Application

Instant Amazing Result

Not an anti-slip chemical etching application that require more than 5 mins to react on tiles.

Hassle Free

SS485:2011 Singapore Standard of Slip Resistance For Coefficient of Friction. Results may vary due to different floor materials, locations and areas.

Residential Home

Non-slip bathroom flooring elderly. Toilet floor coating. Anti-slip shower tray. Non-skid bathtub treatment and wet rooms.

HDB, Private, EC, Condo, Landed.


Commercial Malls

Factory & Industrial Building

Interior & Exterior Anti Slip Flooring.

Anti Slip Topcoat | Anti Slip Agent | Non Slip Overlay | Anti Slip Paint.

No Hacking Required


No Odor Upon Completion

Easy cleaning to prevent stains. Bath and soap elements of floor tiles for better slip resistance.

Clear Invisible Transparent Finishing. Extra Fine Spray Layered Coating

No Future Defect Cost Due to Peeling Off

Invisible Non-Slip Floor Effect

How YHH Nano Anti-Slip Coating Works? 

This is the latest unique nano clear anti-slip coating breakthrough technology.

Moreover, it offers extremely high durability and slip-resistant even on wet slippery floor or bath surface.

In fact, it forms countless nano anti-skid holes to increase the traction on the treated floor tiles.

The nano anti slip agents properties base formed is permanent. It will not peel off or degrade.

Lastly, it allows hard brushing and scrubbing to maintain a cleaner tile floor.

In this way, the grip will be even better and result in a longer lasting effect.

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Private & HDB Toilets | Bathrooms | Showers Base | Shower Tray | Baths | Kitchens, ETC.

Seniors Home | Elderly Care Centre | School. 

Hospital | Clinic | Polyclinic | Hotel | resort | Mall.

Swimming Pool Complex | Religious Center | Community Club. 

Country Club House | Shop | Ship | Boat | Yacht Club.

Restaurant | Food Industry | Corporate Office | Bank | Digital Lobby.

Government Sector | Preschool | Polytechnic | Institute | Childcare Centre, etc.

Best Anti-Slip Floor Paint Clear

Best Rated with 5-star trusted raving anti-slip treatment reviews.

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vinyl flooring

About US

Innovative Nano Anti-Slip Floor Technology

How to get rid of slippery flooring?

Our company focus on upgrading systems and develop new extra formula for nano anti slip liquid. Non-slip agent, anti skid floor paint. Non skid sand, non slip epoxy spray & floor solution. Top coat, Primer, sealer, additive. Sand, decking paint, overlay chemical products and services.

Therefore we can provide a safer better living environment in houses, public wet areas and workplaces to prevent slippery floors.

Without reservation, we are committed to share our best knowledge and experience for our clients. In order to understand more about safe flooring.

Most importantly, we can protect you and our loved ones. Especially for elderly, seniors, young kids, disabled and pregnant wife to prevent slip and fall accidents.


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Landed, Condo & HDB Home.


Slippery Hazard For Common Wet Floor.

Non Slip Treatment. Renovation & Contractor Services.


Non Slip For Bathroom Flooring, Toilet Flooring, Shower Tray, Bathtub, Kitchen. Living Room, Dining Hall, Bedroom, Service Yard, Utility Room. Canteen, Porch, Lobby, Stair Steps, Hallway, Walkway. Corridor, Paths, Pavement. Stall, Driveway, Car Park. Patio, Balcony, Ramp, Washing Bay, Swimming Pool Deck and Decking, etc.

Anti Slip Coating For Outdoor & Indoor

Anti Slip Deck Coating & Floor Finish.

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Best In Singapore, Home & Decor Singapore.

Best Anti slip in Singapore
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