Best Floor Tiles Non-Slip Solution. Flooring Anti-Slip Paint. Anti-Skid Sealant Spray. Non-Skid Sealer Coating. For Homogenous, Mosaic. Porcelain & Ceramic Tile. Natural Stone Marble Slate & Granite Slab.

Anti-Slip Coating For Floor Tiles

Best Slippery Tiles Solution.

By focusing on crucial safety aspects of slip and fall prevention. You can create a less slippery tiles. For indoor and outdoor areas. In residential home, industrial and commercial settings.

When dealing with slippery floor tiles. Regardless of the material, involves several strategies. For fixing. removing, preventing, and solving the issue.

Therefore, with regular evaluation and maintenance of flooring. Combined with proactive measures and education. Are key to minimizing the risk of accidents.

Here are detailed approaches for different types of floor tiles. For example, wet rooms. Like shower, bathroom tiles. Toilet and kitchen flooring. To protect yourself and loved ones. Especially for home and public users. Elderly and seniors’ individuals.

1. Fix Slippery Floor Tiles.

Anti-Slip Treatments.

Apply clear anti-slip coating specifically designed for tiles. These treatments is most direct and cost-effective. To create an invisible surface that increases friction.

Anti-Slip Paint.

Anti-slip paint additives or floor spray can improve grip. These anti-slip spray create a textured surface. For better slip resistance flooring.

Anti-Slip Mats and Rugs.

Place anti-slip mats or rugs in high-risk areas. Like bathrooms and entryways.

Adhesive Anti-Slip Strips.

Install adhesive strips or decals to the tile surface. These are especially useful in areas. Like stairs, ramps or walkways.


2. Remove Slippery Tiles.

Tile Replacement.

If tiles are too old or with waterproofing issues. Consider replacing them with non-slip tiles.
For areas like bathrooms. Consider installing tiles with a textured surface. Or those specifically designed for wet environments. It will be a perfect combination with non-slip tile treatment. To perform well on soapy wet floor surfaces.


3. Prevent Slippery Floor Tiles.

Regular Cleaning.

Keep tiles clean and free from oil and soap residue. Which can increase slipperiness. Use appropriate cleaning agents. That do not leave a slippery film.

Anti-Slip Sealants.

For porous tiles like natural stone. Use a non-slip sealer. That provides a non-slip floor finish.

Rugs and Runners.

Use rugs or runners with non-slip backings. Especially in areas prone to getting wet. Such as kitchens and bathrooms.


4. Solving the Issue Long-Term.

Surface Modification.

For tiles like marble and granite. Consider professional honing. Which can reduce the surface gloss and increase grip.

Professional Non-Slip Services.
Hire professionals to apply commercial-grade anti-slip treatments. Or to perform surface modifications like etching. This can be a more permanent non-skid solutions.


5. Specific Approaches for Tile Types.

Homogenous Tiles.

These tiles are usually non-porous. And can benefit from anti-slip coating. Regular cleaning to remove slippery residues is crucial.

Mosaic Tiles.

Ensure grout lines are clean and intact. Anti-slip treatment can be applied to tile.

Ceramic Tiles.

Use clear anti-slip spray or floor treatments. Clean regularly to avoid buildup of slippery substances.

Natural Stone Marble & Granite.

Apply a penetrating anti-slip sealer. Professional honing can also help reduce slipperiness. Regularly maintain and clean. To prevent buildup of substances that can cause slipping.


6. Tips for Maintenance and Safety.

Regular Inspection.

Regularly inspect tiles for wear and tear. Especially in high-traffic areas. And address any issues promptly.

Educate Occupants.

Inform household members or employees. About the importance of keeping tiles clean and dry.

Safety Measures.

Keep absorbent mats or towels handy. In case of spills and clean up immediately.

Nano Floor Tiles Treatment.

YHH offer anti-slip spray is designed to increase slip resistant. Even on wet surfaces for safety flooring.

Our slip-resistant coating is cost-effective to solve slippery tiles. Because it will not peel off for future removal.

Versatile non-skid solutions are formulated for glazed and polished tiles. It’s easy to maintain as no agents are formed.





Clear Anti-Slip Paint.

YHH offer clear anti-slip paint for all materials. Like hardwood and linoleum. Vinyl plank or laminate floors. Fiberglass and acrylic too.

Other non-skid floor paint product. Includes anti-slip decking oil for composite decking. Wood and timber. It is durable and long lasting. Therefore, perfect for indoor and outdoor areas. Contact us now!


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Nano Non-Slip Floor Tiles Coating.

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Best slip-resistant coating for tile floors.

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Can I brush and scrub my tiles?
Yes, highly recommended to keep it clean. As no aggregates are formed. This is not a layered coating that will peel off.

Is it eco-friendly, pets & dog-friendly?
It’s barefoot friendly. Safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floors upon completion?
It is an instant effect. The flooring can be used immediately upon completion.


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