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Best Safety For Slippery Floors.

Best safety flooring of bathroom and toilet floor tiles non-slip. Can protect people from injuries. And also maintain a safe environment at home. Commercial and industrial settings. Therefore, slip-resistant safety flooring should be the first priority than aesthetic appearance.

It’s essential to enhance the slip-resistant for bathroom floor tiles with non-skid coating. To work effectively on wet surfaces. As floor tiles will become more slippery. Due to stains over time.

The value of safety flooring in bathrooms areas primarily revolves around reducing slips and falls.

Therefore, safety flooring wet rooms provide essential benefits. That go beyond mere aesthetics. They enhance safety and promote hygiene. And to ensure compliance with regulations. And offer long-term cost savings. When choosing flooring for these spaces. It’s important to consider factors. Such as slip resistance, durability. And ease of maintenance to maximize these benefits.

Here’s a detailed breakdown for safety flooring.


1. Safety Anti-Slip Tile Coating.

Anti-Slip Paint.

Apply a non-slip paint specifically designed for tiles. These anti-skid products such as anti-slip paint additives or aggregates.

Anti-Slip Spray.

Anti-slip spray that creates a clear and non-slip surface. These sprays are usually easy to apply. Which can be used on a variety of surfaces.


2. Safety Non-Slip Tile Treatment.

Anti-slip solution such as anti-slip treatment can roughen the tile surface. This creates a more permanent non-slip surface. Non-slip solution chemically react with the tile surface. To create a rougher and slip-resistant texture.


3. Safety Slip Resistance.

Anti-Slip Properties.

Safety flooring, epoxy flooring are often designed with textured surfaces. Or anti-slip coatings to provide better grip. Especially when wet. This is crucial in preventing accidents in wet surfaces.

Coefficient of Friction (COF).

The COF rating indicates the slip resistance of a tile. Higher COF values mean better slip resistance. Bathroom floor tiles non-slip comes with slip-resistant rating. The higher the slip rating, the better is the COF.


4. Hygiene and Maintenance.

Waterproof and Non-Porous.

Safety tiles are typically non-porous. Therefore, preventing water absorption. And reducing the risk of mildew growth. This also makes them easier to clean.

Antibacterial Properties.

Some safety flooring come with antimicrobial treatments. That inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Therefore, enhancing overall hygiene.


5. Epoxy Flooring.

Toilet epoxy flooring is a popular choice for variety of environments. Including bathroom and toilet flooring. Epoxy floor coating. Such as epoxy flakes flooring and epoxy floor paint can be durable. Anti-slip additives or non-slip sand to enhance grip.


6. Durability.

Wear and Tear.

Safety flooring materials are designed to withstand heavy use. And the harsh conditions of a wet environment. Therefore, ensuring a long lifespan. For epoxy flooring, it may peel off and crack over time. Future defect cost may incur for replacing.

Impact Resistance.

These non-slip tiles are often more resistant to impacts. Making them suitable for high-traffic areas.


7. Aesthetics and Design.

Variety of Designs.

Despite their functional nature, epoxy flooring and safety tiles. Come in a range of designs and colors. Allowing for aesthetic customization. While maintaining safety standards.

Cohesive Look.

They can be integrated seamlessly with other bathroom elements. Providing a cohesive and appealing look.


8. Compliance with Safety Regulations

Singapore safety standards have building codes and standards. That mandate the use of slip-resistant flooring in wet areas. Such as BCA and SS485 slip resistance specification.


9. Cost-Effectiveness.

Preventive Measure.

Investing in safety flooring can save costs associated with slip and fall injuries. Including medical expenses and potential litigation.


The durability of safety flooring means less frequent replacement. And lower long-term maintenance costs.



Slippery Safety Solution For Floor Tiles Non-Slip

Safety Non-Slip Tile Treament.

YHH anti-slip coating for tiles is designed to increase slip resistant. Even on wet surfaces for safety flooring.

YHH slip-resistant for tiles is cost-effective to fix slippery tiles. Because it will not peel off for future removal.

Our non-skid solutions are formulated for matt and polished tiles. It’s easy to maintain as no aggregates are formed.

Safety Clear Non-Slip Paint.

YHH offer anti-slip paint and spray for all materials. Other clear non-skid floor paint product. Includes anti-slip decking oil for composite decking. Wood and timber. It is UV and weather resistance. Therefore, perfect for indoor and outdoor areas.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Especially for elderly and disabled. Contact us now!


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Can I brush and scrub my tiles as normal?
Yes, highly recommended to keep it clean. As no sand, agents or aggregates are formed. Just mop, brush and scrub the floor as normal. This is not a layered coating that will peel off.

Is it eco-friendly, non-toxic, pets & dog-friendly?
It’s barefoot friendly, safe for pets and toddlers.

How long can we use the floor upon completion?
It is an instant effect, the floor can be used immediately upon completion.


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